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and__ms__result and__ms__result
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Amu (amu) albumType (album type)
Amusement (amusement) alias (alias)
AmusementAndThemeParks (amusement and theme parks) allRoomsPhysicalAmenity (physical amenity in all rooms)
AmusementArcades (amusement arcades) allRoomsPolicy (room policy in all rooms)
AmusementGamblingAndRecreationIndustries (amusement gambling and recreation industries) allRoomsServiceAmenity (service amenity in all rooms)
AmusementParksAndArcades (amusement parks and arcades) allegiance (allegiance)
AnNuwaydiratBahrain (an nuwaydirat bahrain) almaMater (Alma Mater)
Anaconda (anaconda) alternativeTitle (alternativeTitle)
AnaerobicExerciseDevice (anaerobic exercise device) altitude (altitude)
AnalyticalLaboratoryInstrumentManufacturing (analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing) amountCharged (amount charged)
Anarchy (anarchy) amountDue (amount due)
AnatomicalStructure (anatomical structure) amountOfBid (bid amount)
Anchor (anchor) ancestor (ancestor)
Anchorage (anchorage) ancestorOrganization (ancestor organization)
AncientGreekLanguage (ancient greek language) and (and)
And__ms__result and__ms__result
AndalusianCuisine (Andalusian Cuisine) angleOfFigure (angle of figure)
AndamaneseLanguage (andamanese language) angularMeasure (angular measure)
AndaquiGroupLanguage (andaqui group language) anniversary (anniversary)
AndaquiLanguage (andaqui language) annualElectricityConsumption (annual electricity consumption)
AndeanCommunityOfNations (andean community of nations) annualElectricityExport (annual electricity export)
AndeanSpain (andean spain) annualElectricityImport (annual electricity import)
AndhLanguage (andh language) annualElectricityProduction (annual electricity production)
AndoaLanguage (andoa language) annualExpendituresOfArea (annual expenditures of area)
AndoqueLanguage (andoque language) annualExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (annual expenditures of area in period)
Andorra (andorra) annualExportTotal (annual export total)
AndroidOS (Android OS) annualImportTotal (annual import total)
Angel (Angel) annualRevenuesOfArea (annual revenues of area)
Anger (anger) annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod (annual revenues of area in period)
AngkorWatCambodia (angkor wat cambodia) anthem (anthem)
AngleMeasure (angle measure) appraisedValue (appraised value)
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