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GreetingCard GreetingCard
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GreatSaltLake (great salt lake) geopoliticalSubdivision (geopolitical subdivision)
GreatestCommonDivisorFn (greatest common divisor) givenName (given name)
GrecianTub (grecian tub) governmentType (government type)
Greece (greece) governorSpeed (governorSpeed)
GreekCuisine (Greek Cuisine) grammaticalRelation (grammatical relation)
GreekDrachma (greek drachma) grandfather (grandfather)
GreekGroupLanguage (greek group language) grandmother (grandmother)
GreekLanguage (greek language) grandparent (grandparent)
GreekSignLanguage (greek sign language) granularity (granularity)
Green (green) graphMeasure (graphMeasure)
GreenhouseGas (greenhouse gas) graphPart (graph part)
GreenhouseNurseryAndFloricultureProduction (greenhouse nursery and floriculture production) grasps (grasps)
Greenland (greenland) greaterThan (greater than)
GreenwichEnglandUK (greenwich englandU k) greaterThanByQuality (greaterThanByQuality)
Greeting (greeting) greaterThanOrEqualTo (greater than or equal to)
GreetingCard greetingCard
GreetingCardPublishers (greeting card publishers) grossMerchandiseBoughtInPeriod (GMB)
Grenada (grenada) grossMerchandiseSoldInPeriod (GMV)
GrenadaDollar (grenada dollar) groundSubsurfaceType (ground subsurface type)
Grenade (grenade) groundSurfaceType (ground surface type)
GrenadeLauncher (grenade launcher) groupMember (group member)
GroceryAndRelatedProductWholesalers (grocery and related product wholesalers) groupingTitle (groupingTitle)
GroceryProduce (grocery produce) guest (guest)
GroceryStore (grocery store) guiElementCovered (guiElementCovered)
GroceryStores (grocery stores) guiElementCoveredBy (guiElementCoveredBy)
GroningsLanguage (gronings language) guiElementPartiallyCovered (guiElementPartiallyCovered)
GroundAttackMissile (ground attack missile) guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy (guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy)
GroundCoverVegetation (ground cover vegetation) guiElementUncovered (guiElementUncovered)
GroundLaunchMissile (ground launched missile) habitatOfOrganism (habitatOfOrganism)
GroundOrTreatedMineralAndEarthManufacturing (ground or treated mineral and earth manufacturing) half (half)
Groundnut (groundnut) hardwareType (hardware type)
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