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Sigma KEE - EseEjjaLanguage
EseEjjaLanguage(ese ejja language)

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s__documentation(s__EseEjjaLanguage,s__EnglishLanguage,'"The EseEjjaLanguage is a TiatinaguaLanguage of Bolivia. SIL code: ESE. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 600 to 650 in Bolivia (1976 SIL). Population total both countries: 850 to 1,050. Region: Northwestern region, and into the foothills on the Beni and Madre de Dios rivers in Bolivia, Tambopata and Heath rivers around Puerto Maldonado in Peru. Alternate names: ESE EJA, ESE EXA, TIATINAGUA, CHAMA, HUARAYO. Comments: Each clan has slight dialect differences, all seem inherently intelligible. Appears the most different from other Tacanan languages. Bilingual level estimates for Spanish are 0 40%, 1 20%, 2 30%, 3 10%, 4 0%, 5 0%. The name Chama is objectionable. Dictionary. SOV. NT 1984. Also spoken in: Peru. (Language name: ESE EJJA.) Population: 250 to 400 in Peru (1977 Catholic University, Lima). Alternate names: ESE EXA, ESE EJA, ESEEJJA, TIATINAGUA, TAMBOPATA-GUARAYO, HUARAYO, CHAMA. Comments: The Tambopata dialect in Peru is somewhat different. Almost all in Peru are bilingual in Spanish. Chama is a derogatory name. SOV. NT 1984.(extract from http:/ / )"')

Languages.kif 13279-13293


Languages.kif 13278-13278 Ese ejja language is an instance of tiatinagua language

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s__termFormat(s__ChineseLanguage,s__EseEjjaLanguage,'"ese ejja 语"')

domainEnglishFormat.kif 22339-22339
s__termFormat(s__ChineseTraditionalLanguage,s__EseEjjaLanguage,'"ese ejja 語"')

domainEnglishFormat.kif 22338-22338
s__termFormat(s__EnglishLanguage,s__EseEjjaLanguage,'"ese ejja language"')

domainEnglishFormat.kif 22337-22337

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