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CentralAfricanStatesDevelopmentBank claimedTerritory
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CelsiusDegree (celsius degree) causesSubclass (causes subclass)
CelticEthnicity (celtic ethnicity) chamberOfLegislature (chamber of legislature)
CelticLanguage (celtic language) chanceryAddressInArea (chancery address in area)
Cement (cement) chanceryFAXNumberInArea (chanceryFAX number in area)
CementAndConcreteProductManufacturing (cement and concrete product manufacturing) chanceryMailingAddressInArea (chancery mailing address in area)
CementCarrierShip (cement carrier ship) chanceryTelephoneNumberInArea (chancery telephone number in area)
CementManufacturing (cement manufacturing) changesLocation (changes location)
CemeteriesAndCrematories (cemeteries and crematories) checkAccount (check account)
Cemetery (cemetery) checkInTime (check-in time)
CenterOfCircleFn (center of circle) checkNumber (check number)
Centimeter (centimeter) checkOutTime (check-out time)
CentralAfrica (central africa) chiefOfDiplomaticMission (chief of diplomatic mission)
CentralAfricanCuisine (Central African Cuisine) chiefOfState (chief of state)
CentralAfricanRepublic (central african republic) chiefOfStateType (chief of state type)
CentralAfricanRepublicFranc (central african republic franc) citizen (citizen)
CentralAfricanStatesDevelopmentBank claimedTerritory
CentralAfricanStatesDevelopmentBank (central african states development bank) claimedTerritory (claimed territory)
CentralAmericanBankForEconomicIntegration (central american bank for economic integration) classIntersection (classIntersection)
CentralAmericanCommonMarket (central american common market) classmate (classmate)
CentralAmericanCuisine (Central American Cuisine) climateTypeInArea (climate type in area)
CentralAndSouthNewGuineaKutubanLanguage (central and south new guinea kutuban language) closedOn (closed on)
CentralAndSouthNewGuineaLanguage (central and south new guinea language) closingPrice (closing price)
CentralAndWesternMainSectionTransNewGuineaLanguage (central and western main section trans new guinea language) cloudCoverFraction (cloud cover fraction)
CentralAsia (central asia) coaches (coaches)
CentralAsianCuisine (CentralAsianCuisine) codeMapping (codeMapping)
CentralAsianTurkishEthnicity (central asian turkish ethnicity) coding (coding)
CentralAymaraLanguage (central aymara language) cohabitant (cohabitant)
CentralBirdsHeadLanguage (central birds head language) coilCount (coilCount)
CentralEurope (central europe) coldSeasonInArea (cold season in area)
CentralEuropeanInitiative (central european initiative) colleague (colleague)
CentralGreatAndamaneseLanguage (central great andamanese language) collectRate (collect rate)
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