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hi hi
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HepatitisB (hepatitis b) hasOccupation (has occupation)
HepatitisBVirus (hepatitisB virus) hasPurpose (has purpose)
HepatitisC (hepatitis c) hasPurposeForAgent (has purpose for agent)
HepatitisCVirus (hepatitisC virus) hasSkill (has skill)
HepatitisVirus (hepatitis virus) hasThroughVariable (has through variable)
Herbivore (herbivore) hasUniform (has uniform)
HereditaryMonarchy (hereditary monarchy) hasVariable (has variable)
HereroLanguage (HereroLanguage) havePartTypes (havePartTypes)
HermeshIsrael (hermesh israel) headOfGovernment (head of government)
HernaniSpain (hernani spain) headingWRTCompassNorth (headingWRT compass north)
Heroin (heroin) headingWRTMagneticNorth (headingWRT magnetic north)
HerpesB (herpes b) headingWRTTrueNorth (headingWRT true north)
HerpesBVirus (herpesB virus) headquartersOfOrganization (headquarters of organization)
Hertz (hertz) heartBeatRate (heart beat rate)
HerzliyaIsrael (herzliya israel) height (height)
Hi hi
HibitoLanguage (hibito language) highAltitudeWindSpeed (high altitude wind speed)
HidatsaLanguage (hidatsa language) highAltitudeWindVelocity (high altitude wind velocity)
HighBiodiversity (high biodiversity) highTide (highTide)
HighGermanLanguage (high german language) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (highest decile share of household income)
HighIncomeCountry (high income country) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (highest decile share of household income in period)
HighLiquidity (high liquidity) highestTemperatureForPeriod (highest temperature for period)
HighPrecisionWeapon (high precision weapon) hinders (hinders)
HighPressureWeatherSystem (high pressure weather system) hindersSubclass (hindersSubclass)
HighPriority (high priority) holdsDuring (holds during)
HighRise (high rise) holdsObligation (holds obligation)
HighRisk (high risk) holdsRight (holds right)
HighSchool (high school) hole (hole)
HighTea (high tea) holidayTimeInArea (holiday time in area)
HighTechIndustrialEconomy (high tech industrial economy) home (home)
HighTide (high tide) homeAddress (home address)
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Aloha_State, HI, Hawai'i, Hawaii, hello, hi, how-do-you-do, howdy, hullo

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