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Sigma KEE - headOfGovernment

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation headOfGovernment EnglishLanguage "(headOfGovernment ?POLITY ?ROLE ?PERSON) means that ?PERSON is the top administrative leader of the Government of the GeopoliticalArea ?POLITY, with authority for managing its day-to-day functions. The office held by this person is the Position ?ROLE (e.g., President, Prime Minister, Governor). Note: this term is defined as in the CIA World Fact Book.") Government.kif 1562-1567
(domain headOfGovernment 1 GeopoliticalArea) Government.kif 1558-1558 The number 1 argument of head of government is an instance of geopolitical area
(domain headOfGovernment 2 Position) Government.kif 1559-1559 The number 2 argument of head of government is an instance of position
(domain headOfGovernment 3 Human) Government.kif 1560-1560 The number 3 argument of head of government is an instance of human
(instance headOfGovernment TernaryPredicate) Government.kif 1557-1557 head of government is an instance of ternary predicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage headOfGovernment "%1 %n{doesn't} head of government %2 for %3") domainEnglishFormat.kif 299-299
(termFormat EnglishLanguage headOfGovernment "head of government") domainEnglishFormat.kif 5042-5042 "head of government" is the printable form of head of government in english language


        (headOfGovernment ?AREA ?POSITION ?PERSON)
        (instance ?AREA Nation))
    (citizen ?PERSON ?AREA))
Government.kif 1569-1573
    (headOfGovernment ?A Mayor ?H)
    (instance ?A City))
Government.kif 1600-1602
    (headOfGovernment ?AREA ?POSITION ?PERSON)
    (occupiesPosition ?PERSON ?POSITION
        (GovernmentFn ?AREA)))
Government.kif 1575-1577
    (headOfGovernment ?S Governor ?H)
    (instance ?S StateOrProvince))
Government.kif 1582-1584

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