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Sigma KEE - Tissue
Tissue(tissue)Andaman_redwood, Bowman's_capsule, Cebu_maguey, New_Zealand_cotton, Panama_redwood, Philippine_mahogany, SA_node, Turkish_boxwood, abducens, abducens_nerve, abducent, abducent_nerve, accessory_nerve, acoustic_nerve, adipose_tissue, adrenal_cortex, adrenal_medulla, adventitial, afferent, afferent_fiber, afferent_nerve, allograft, alveolar_bed, amboyna, animal_tissue, anterior_crural_nerve, aponeurosis, aponeurotic, applewood, areolar_tissue, ash, ashen, astroglia, auditory_nerve, autograft, autoplasty, band, basilar_membrane, bassine, bast, bast_fiber, beechen, birch, birchen, bird's-eye_maple, birken, black_locust, blackwood, blastodermatic, blastodermic...

appearance as argument number 1

(disjointDecomposition Tissue Bone Muscle FatTissue) Merge.kif 15276-15276 Tissue is disjointly decomposed into bone, muscle, and fat tissue
(documentation Tissue ChineseLanguage "这是同样专门 Cell 和相关细胞间物质的聚合物。 TissueBodyPartOrganOrgan 组织相比,算是相对非局部性。 Tissue 的主要特征是能自我连接(见 SelfConnectedObject)和为性质单一的一块 (粒度相同的所有部分也是 Tissue 的实例。)。") Merge.kif 15283-15285
(documentation Tissue EnglishLanguage "An aggregation of similarly specialized Cells and the associated intercellular substance. Tissues are relatively non-localized in comparison to BodyParts, Organs or Organ components. The main features of Tissues are self-connectivity (see SelfConnectedObject) and being a homogeneous mass (all parts in the same granularity are instances of Tissue as well).") Merge.kif 15277-15282
(subclass Tissue BodySubstance) Merge.kif 15275-15275 Tissue is a subclass of body substance

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Bone Tissue) Merge.kif 15301-15301 Bone is a subclass of tissue
(subclass FatTissue Tissue) Merge.kif 15322-15322 Fat tissue is a subclass of tissue
(subclass Muscle Tissue) Merge.kif 15315-15315 Muscle is a subclass of tissue
(subclass Tendon Tissue) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9052-9052 Tendon is a subclass of tissue
(subclass Wood Tissue) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8885-8885 Wood is a subclass of tissue
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Tissue "身体组织") chinese_format.kif 1025-1025 "身体组织" is the printable form of tissue in ChineseLanguage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Tissue "tissue") english_format.kif 1146-1146 "tissue" is the printable form of tissue in english language
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage Tissue "《医》組織") english_format.kif 1147-1147 "《医》組織" is the printable form of tissue in japanese language


    (instance ?STUFF Tissue)
    (exists (?ORGANISM)
            (instance ?ORGANISM Organism)
            (part ?STUFF ?ORGANISM))))
Merge.kif 15294-15299
    (instance ?STUFF Tissue)
    (exists (?PART)
            (instance ?PART Cell)
            (part ?PART ?STUFF))))
Merge.kif 15287-15292


    (instance ?AGENT BlisterAgent)
    (hasPurpose ?AGENT
        (exists (?DAMAGE ?TISSUE)
                (instance ?DAMAGE Damaging)
                (instance ?TISSUE Tissue)
                (patient ?DAMAGE ?TISSUE)))))
WMD.kif 478-485
    (instance ?PROC OrganOrTissueProcess)
    (exists (?THING)
            (eventLocated ?PROC ?THING)
                (instance ?THING Organ)
                (instance ?THING Tissue)))))
Merge.kif 10232-10239
    (instance ?TUMOR Tumor)
    (forall (?PART)
            (part ?PART ?TUMOR)
            (instance ?PART Tissue))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 9045-9050

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