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Sigma KEE - Storm

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Storm ChineseLanguage "Storm 发生于由 LowPressureWeatherSystemAtmosphere 占领的地区,里面的 Air 的流动方向是 MotionUpward。地面 WindLikely 高于30 KnotUnitOfSpeed 并或伴有 Precipitation。") Weather.kif 2609-2611
(documentation Storm EnglishLanguage "Storms occurs in an area where its Atmosphere is dominated by a LowPressureWeatherSystem with Air moving in MotionUpward.Surface Wind of over 30 KnotUnitOfSpeed and or Precipitation are Likely associated with Storms.") Weather.kif 2605-2608
(subclass Storm WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2612-2612 Storm is a subclass of weather process

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Blizzard Storm) Weather.kif 2352-2352 Blizzard is a subclass of storm
(subclass CyclonicStorm Storm) Weather.kif 548-548 Cyclonic storm is a subclass of storm
(subclass DustStorm Storm) Weather.kif 1066-1066 Dust storm is a subclass of storm
(subclass Snowstorm Storm) Weather.kif 2659-2659 Snow storm is a subclass of storm
(subclass Squall Storm) Weather.kif 1064-1064 Squall is a subclass of storm
(subclass Thunderstorm Storm) Weather.kif 645-645 Thunderstorm is a subclass of storm
(subclass Tornado Storm) Weather.kif 1430-1430 Tornado is a subclass of storm
(subclass Windstorm Storm) Weather.kif 1055-1055 Windstorm is a subclass of storm
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Storm "风暴") Weather.kif 2614-2614
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Storm "storm") Weather.kif 2613-2613


    (instance ?STORM Storm)
        (WhenFn ?STORM)
        (exists (?AREA ?STRONG)
                (instance ?AREA GeographicArea)
                (surfaceWindSpeed ?AREA
                    (MeasureFn ?STRONG KnotUnitOfSpeed))
                (greaterThan ?STRONG 30)))))
Weather.kif 2628-2637
    (instance ?STORM Storm)
        (WhenFn ?STORM)
        (exists (?LOW ?AREA ?AIR ?RISE)
                (instance ?LOW LowPressureWeatherSystem)
                (instance ?AREA Region)
                (eventLocated ?LOW ?AREA)
                (instance ?AIR Air)
                (instance ?RISE MotionUpward)
                (patient ?RISE ?AIR)
                (eventLocated ?RISE ?AREA)
                (subProcess ?RISE ?LOW)))))
Weather.kif 2639-2652
    (instance ?STORM Storm)
        (WhenFn ?STORM)
            (exists (?P ?AREA)
                    (instance ?P Precipitation)
                    (instance ?AREA GeographicArea)
                    (eventLocated ?P ?AREA)
                    (subProcess ?P ?STORM))) Likely)))
Weather.kif 2616-2626

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