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Sigma KEE - StaticWaterArea
StaticWaterArea(static water area)Boston_Harbor, Caesarea, Pearl_Harbor, Zuider_Zee, abyssal_zone, bayou, billabong, bog, high_sea, international_waters, lacustrine, lagoon, laguna, lagune, liman, mire, mud_puddle, paddy, paddy_field, peat_bog, pool, puddle, rice_paddy, slack, slack_water, slough, sound, static_water_area, wallow, water_hole, 静水区, 静水域

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation StaticWaterArea EnglishLanguage "A WaterArea in which water does not flow constantly or in the same direction, e.g. most lakes and ponds.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 8761-8762
(subclass StaticWaterArea WaterArea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8760-8760 Static water area is a subclass of water area

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint StreamWaterArea StaticWaterArea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8755-8755 Stream water area is disjoint from static water area
(disjoint WaterCurrent StaticWaterArea) Geography.kif 4627-4627 Water current is disjoint from static water area
(subclass Lake StaticWaterArea) Geography.kif 5404-5404 Lake is a subclass of static water area
(termFormat ChineseLanguage StaticWaterArea "静水区") chinese_format.kif 954-954 "静水区" is the printable form of static water area in ChineseLanguage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage StaticWaterArea "static water area") english_format.kif 1120-1120 "static water area" is the printable form of static water area in english language


    (instance ?SYSTEM RiverSystem)
    (exists (?RIVER ?STATIC)
            (instance ?RIVER River)
            (part ?RIVER ?SYSTEM)
            (instance ?STATIC StaticWaterArea)
            (connected ?RIVER ?STATIC))))
Geography.kif 5202-5209

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