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Sigma KEE - StateChange
StateChange(state change)blood_clotting, blood_coagulation, clogged, clotted, clotting, coagulate, coagulated, coagulation, concrete, congealed, curdled, curdling, dissolution, dissolving, evaporated, evaporation, gasified, grumose, grumous, hardened, jelled, jellied, libration, lie, liquefaction, liquefied, liquefy, liquified, oscillation, phase_change, phase_transition, physical_change, set, solidified, state_change, sublimated, sublimed, thermocoagulation, vapor, vaporisation, vaporization, vaporized, vapour, vapourised, vitrification, volatilised, volatilized, woody

VerbNet: other_cos-45.4|liquefy,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation StateChange ChineseLanguage "这是任何当 Process patientpartPhysicalState 受到改变的 Process。") chinese_format.kif 3335-3336
(documentation StateChange EnglishLanguage "Any Process where the PhysicalState of part of the patient of the Process changes.") Merge.kif 12712-12713
(subclass StateChange InternalChange) Merge.kif 12711-12711 State change is a subclass of internal change

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Boiling StateChange) Merge.kif 12881-12881 Boiling is a subclass of state change
(subclass Condensing StateChange) Merge.kif 12920-12920 Condensing is a subclass of state change
(subclass Deposition StateChange) Geography.kif 6329-6329 Deposition is a subclass of state change
(subclass Evaporating StateChange) Merge.kif 12902-12902 Evaporating is a subclass of state change
(subclass Freezing StateChange) Merge.kif 12941-12941 Freezing is a subclass of state change
(subclass Melting StateChange) Merge.kif 12860-12860 Melting is a subclass of state change
(subclass Sublimation StateChange) Geography.kif 6379-6379 Sublimation is a subclass of state change
(termFormat ChineseLanguage StateChange "状态改变") chinese_format.kif 1226-1226
(termFormat EnglishLanguage StateChange "state change") english_format.kif 1678-1678


        (instance ?PROCESS StateChange)
        (patient ?PROCESS ?OBJ))
    (exists (?PART ?STATE1 ?STATE2)
            (part ?PART ?OBJ)
            (instance ?STATE1 PhysicalState)
            (instance ?STATE2 PhysicalState)
                (equal ?STATE1 ?STATE2))
                    (WhenFn ?PROCESS))
                (attribute ?PART ?STATE1))
                    (WhenFn ?PROCESS))
                (attribute ?PART ?STATE2)))))
Merge.kif 12715-12726

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