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Sigma KEE - SentientAgent
SentientAgent(sentient agent)Aglaia, Alcyone, Alecto, Arjuna, Atreus, Augeas, Bigfoot, Cerberus, Chimaera, Chimera, Chiron, Dardanus, Erinyes, Eumenides, Euphrosyne, Fafnir, Fenrir, Fury, Galatea, Gargantua, Geryon, Gog_and_Magog, Grim_Reaper, Halcyon, Harpy, Hero, Humpty_Dumpty, Hydra, Hyperborean, Iphigenia, Leander, Lilith, Loch_Ness_monster, Maxwell's_demon, Megaera, Minotaur, Nemean_lion, Nessie, Nibelung, Niobe, Paris, Patroclus, Pegasus, Python, Reaper, Sarpedon, Sasquatch, Scylla, Siegfried, Sigurd...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SentientAgent ChineseLanguage " SentientAgent 是一个能够 Perception (感知)的 Agent, 并且在某程度上能感受到意识 (同时参考 ConsciousnessAttribute)。如果一个 Agent 能够以相对高层次的理智去思考的话(表现出能够学习、计划和体会情感),那么这个也是 CognitiveAgent 的一个实例。 DomesticAnimal 是一个 SentientAgent,但是它是不是一个 CognitiveAgent 却确定于究竟它是哪一种 Animal。") Merge.kif 2513-2517
(documentation SentientAgent EnglishLanguage "A SentientAgent is an Agent that is capable of Perception and experiences some level of consciousness (see ConsciousnessAttribute). If the Agent is able to reason at a comparatively high level (evinced by the ability to learn, plan, and feel emotions), then it is also an instance of CognitiveAgent. A DomesticAnimal is a SentientAgent, but may or may not be a CognitiveAgent, depending on the type of Animal.") Merge.kif 2505-2511
(documentation SentientAgent JapaneseLanguage "SentientAgentPerception が可能で、 ある程度の意識を経験する Agent である (ConsciousnessAttribute を参照)。Agent が、比較的 高いレベル(学習、計画、感情を感じる能力があると立証された)で論証できるのであれば、それはまた、 CognitiveAgent のインスタンスでもある。 DomesticAnimal は、SentientAgent だが、Animal の種類に応じて、CognitiveAgent である場合とそうでない場合がある。") Merge.kif 2519-2523
(subclass SentientAgent Agent) Merge.kif 2494-2494 Sentient agent is a subclass of agent

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass CognitiveAgent SentientAgent) Merge.kif 2525-2525 Cognitive agent is a subclass of sentient agent
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SentientAgent "有感知的主事") chinese_format.kif 849-849 "有感知的主事" is the printable form of sentient agent in ChineseLanguage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SentientAgent "sentient agent") english_format.kif 1240-1240 "sentient agent" is the printable form of sentient agent in english language
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage SentientAgent "意識[知覚]を持つ代理(人)") english_format.kif 1241-1241 "意識[知覚]を持つ代理(人)" is the printable form of sentient agent in japanese language

appearance as argument number 3

(domain detainedAtTimeInPlace 1 SentientAgent) Justice.kif 17-17 The number 1 argument of detained at time in place is an instance of sentient agent
(domain speaksLanguage 1 SentientAgent) Mid-level-ontology.kif 894-894 The number 1 argument of speaks language is an instance of sentient agent


        (instance ?AGENT SentientAgent)
        (attribute ?AGENT Living))
    (exists (?ATTR)
            (instance ?ATTR ConsciousnessAttribute)
            (attribute ?AGENT ?ATTR))))
Merge.kif 23073-23080 An object is an instance of sentient agent and living is an attribute of the object if and only if there exists an entity such that the entity is an instance of consciousness attribute and the entity is an attribute of the object
    (instance ?AGENT SentientAgent)
    (capability Perception experiencer ?AGENT))
Merge.kif 17839-17841


        (instance ?ATTR PsychologicalAttribute)
        (attribute ?AGENT ?ATTR))
    (instance ?AGENT SentientAgent))
Merge.kif 23045-23049
    (instance ?X HostageTaking)
    (exists (?A)
            (instance ?A SentientAgent)
            (patient ?X ?A))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 19713-19718
    (instance ?X Kidnapping)
    (exists (?A ?LOC1 ?LOC2)
            (instance ?A SentientAgent)
            (instance ?LOC1 GeographicArea)
            (instance ?LOC2 GeographicArea)
                (equal ?LOC1 ?LOC2))
                    (WhenFn ?X))
                (located ?A ?LOC1))
                (WhenFn ?X)
                (located ?A ?LOC2)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 19746-19761

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