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Red) Red)
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RecordingStudio (recording studio) range (range)
RecordingTape (RecordingTape) rangeSubclass (range subclass)
RecoveringFromIllness (recovering from illness) rateDetail (rate detail)
RecoveryOperation (recovery operation) ratingsAgent (ratingsAgent)
RecreationOrExercise (recreation or exercise) reactant (reactant)
RecreationOrExerciseDevice (recreation or exercise device) reagent (reagent)
RecreationalAndVacationCampsExceptCampgrounds (recreational and vacation camps except campgrounds) realGrowthRateOfGDP (real growth rate of GDP)
RecreationalGoodsRental (recreational goods rental) realGrowthRateOfGDPInPeriod (real growth rate of GDP in period)
RecreationalVehicle (rv) realization (realization)
RecreationalVehicleDealers (recreational vehicle dealers) record (record)
Rectangle (rectangle) recordForAgreement (recordForAgreement)
Rectifier (rectifier) recordForAgremeent (record for agreement)
RecurrentTimeIntervalFn (recurrent time interval) recordingCompany (recording company)
RecyclableMaterialWholesalers (recyclable material wholesalers) recordingLength (recording length)
Red (red) recoveryKey (recoveryKey)
Red) red)
RedBloodCell (red blood cell) referee (referee)
RedRiver (red river) referenceTitle (referenceTitle)
RedSea (red sea) refers (refers)
RedcoatSoldier (redcoat soldier) reflexiveOn (reflexive on)
RedeemedChristianChurchOfGod (RedeemedChristianChurchOfGod) regionalIssue (regional issue)
ReducePoverty (reduce poverty) registeredItem (registered item)
ReducingCrime (reducing crime) registeredUser (registered user)
Reef (reef) relatedEvent (related event)
Reel (reel) relatedExternalConcept (related external concept)
ReferenceBook (reference book) relatedInternalConcept (related internal concept)
Refinancing (refinancing) relative (relative)
RefinedPetroleumProduct (refined petroleum product) relativeBearing (relative bearing)
Reflecting (reflecting) relativeHumidity (relative humidity)
ReflectingLight (reflecting light) releaseForConsumption (release for consumption)
ReflexiveProcess (reflexive process) releaseForSale (release for sale)
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