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PrivateRate PrivateRate
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PrintingAndWritingPaperWholesalers (printing and writing paper wholesalers) precipitationState (precipitation state)
PrintingInkManufacturing (printing ink manufacturing) precondition (precondition)
PrintingMachineryAndEquipmentManufacturing (printing machinery and equipment manufacturing) prefers (prefers)
PriorityAttribute (priority attribute) premise (premise)
Prison (prison) premium (premium)
PrisonChapel (PrisonChapel) prevents (prevents)
Prisoner (prisoner) preventsSubclass (preventsSubclass)
PrisonerOfWar (prisoner of war) price (price)
PrivateAttribute (PrivateAttribute) pricePolicy (rate policy)
PrivateDetective (private detective) priceRange (price range)
PrivateEnterpriseEconomy (private enterprise economy) primaryGeopoliticalSubdivision (primary geopolitical subdivision)
PrivateHouseholds (private households) primaryGeopoliticalSubdivisionType (primary geopolitical subdivision type)
PrivateMailCenters (private mail centers) primeInterestRate (prime interest rate)
PrivateRailcar (private railcar) principalAmount (principal amount)
PrivateRank (private rank) priority (priority)
PrivateRate privateRate
PrivateSchool (private school) processAborted (process aborted)
PrivatizingEconomy (privatizing economy) processID (processID)
ProbabilityAttribute (probability attribute) processInclusion (process inclusion)
ProbabilityFn (probability) processList (process list)
ProbabilityRelation (probability relation) produced (produced)
Procedure (procedure) producedBy (producedBy)
Process (process) producedOn (produced on)
ProcessFailure (process failure) productBrand (product brand)
ProcessPhysicalDistributionAndLogisticsConsultingServices (process physical distribution and logistics consulting services) productModel (product model)
ProcessState (process state) productOfAnimal (productOfAnimal)
ProcessStatus (process status) productPrice (product price)
ProcessSuccess (process success) profit (profit)
ProcessTask (process task) programCopy (program copy)
ProcessingACheck (processingA check) programRunning (program running)
Proclaiming (proclaiming) prohibitedItem (prohibited item)
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