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PlantAgriculturalArtifact PlantAgriculturalArtifact
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PlaneAngleMeasure (plane angle measure) periodicPayment (periodic payment)
Planer (planer) permanentCropLandArea (permanent crop land area)
Planet (planet) permits (permits)
PlanetEarth (planet earth) perpetrator (perpetrator)
PlanetJupiter (planet jupiter) personTransportCapability (person transport capability)
PlanetMars (planet mars) personalPhoneNumber (personalPhoneNumber)
PlanetMercury (planet mercury) phoneNumber (phone number)
PlanetNeptune (planet neptune) physicalAmplitude (physicalAmplitude)
PlanetPluto (planet pluto) physicalDomain (physicalDomain)
PlanetSaturn (planet saturn) physicalEnd (physicalEnd)
PlanetUranus (planet uranus) physicalInclusion (physical inclusion)
PlanetVenus (planet venus) piece (piece)
PlaningHullWaterVehicle (planing hull water vehicle) pin (pin)
Planning (planning) pistonStroke (pistonStroke)
Plant (plant) plaintiff (plaintiff)
PlantAgriculturalArtifact plantAgriculturalArtifact
PlantAnatomicalStructure (plant anatomical structure) plays (plays)
PlantBranch (plant branch) playsRoleInEvent (plays role in event)
PlantLeaf (PlantLeaf) playsRoleInEventOfType (plays role in event of type)
PlantRoot (plant root) pointOfFigure (point of figure)
PlantSubstance (plant substance) pointOfIntersection (point of intersection)
Plantain (plantain) policyClause (policyClause)
Planting (planting) policyEffectiveDate (policyEffectiveDate)
Plasma (plasma) policyInclusion (policy inclusion)
PlasmaMembrane (plasma membrane) policyLocationCoverage (policyLocationCoverage)
PlasmodiumFalciparum (plasmodium falciparum) policyOwner (policy owner)
Plastic (plastic) policyPeriod (policyPeriod)
PlasticsAndRubberIndustryMachineryManufacturing (plastics and rubber industry machinery manufacturing) politicalPartyOfCountry (political party of country)
PlasticsAndRubberProductsManufacturing (plastics and rubber products manufacturing) populationFractionBelowPovertyLine (population fraction below poverty line)
PlasticsBottleManufacturing (plastics bottle manufacturing) populationFractionBelowPovertyLineInPeriod (population fraction below poverty line in period)
PlasticsFoilAndCoatedPaperBagManufacturing (plastics foil and coated paper bag manufacturing) portNumber (port number)
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