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Sigma KEE - PalmSunday

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation PalmSunday EnglishLanguage "An instance of PalmSunday is a ChristianHoliday that commemorates the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days preceding his crucifixion. The actual date of a PalmSunday is determined by the date of the corresponding EasterSunday, and so, like Easter, Palm Sunday is a MoveableHoliday.") Media.kif 462-468
(subclass PalmSunday ChristianHoliday) Media.kif 459-459 PalmSunday is a subclass of ChristianHoliday
(subclass PalmSunday MoveableHoliday) Media.kif 461-461 PalmSunday is a subclass of moveable holiday
(subclass PalmSunday Sunday) Media.kif 460-460 PalmSunday is a subclass of Sunday


        (instance ?Y Year)
        (instance ?E EasterSunday)
        (instance ?P PalmSunday)
        (during ?E ?Y)
        (during ?P ?Y)
        (starts ?P ?I)
        (finishes ?E ?I))
    (duration ?I
        (MeasureFn 8 DayDuration)))
Media.kif 473-482

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