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Sigma KEE - MarchingBand
MarchingBand(marching band)marching_band

appearance as argument number 1

(comment MarchingBand "Subclassing it from Organization as well so that relations associated to Organization can be used to describe it, such as subOrganization for the educational institution it represents, or when it was founded using yearOfFounding, who its director is, etc. 09-28-2011" "KJN") Music.kif 971-974
(documentation MarchingBand EnglishLanguage "MarchingBand refers to a group of instrumental musicians perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching with their musical performance.") Music.kif 967-969
(subclass MarchingBand MusicalGroup) Music.kif 965-965 Marching band is a subclass of musical group
(subclass MarchingBand Organization) Music.kif 966-966 Marching band is a subclass of organization

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage MarchingBand "marching band") Music.kif 970-970 "marching band" is the printable form of marching band in english language


        (instance ?GRP MarchingBand)
        (instance ?MP MusicalPerformance)
        (agent ?MP ?GRP))
        (instance ?OD Outdoors)
        (eventLocated ?MP ?OD)
        (exists (?AMB)
                (instance ?AMB Ambulating)
                (subProcess ?AMB ?MP)))))
Music.kif 983-994
    (instance ?GRP MarchingBand)
    (exists (?P)
            (hasSkill MakingInstrumentalMusic ?P)
            (member ?P ?GRP))))
Music.kif 976-981

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