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Sigma KEE - GeometricPoint
GeometricPointattracter, attractor, dot, geometric_point, point, vertex

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation GeometricPoint ChineseLanguage "这是零维度 GeometricFigure 的类别,也就是有 定位但是在各个维度都没有延伸的 GeometricFigure 类别。") Merge.kif 18193-18194
(documentation GeometricPoint EnglishLanguage "The class of zero-dimensional GeometricFigures, i.e. the class of GeometricFigures that have position but lack extension in any dimension.") Merge.kif 18190-18192
(subclass GeometricPoint GeometricFigure) Merge.kif 18189-18189

appearance as argument number 2

(partition GeometricFigure GeometricPoint OneDimensionalFigure TwoDimensionalFigure ThreeDimensionalFigure) Merge.kif 18182-18182
(range CenterOfCircleFn GeometricPoint) Merge.kif 7824-7824
(termFormat EnglishLanguage GeometricPoint "geometric point") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4726-4726

appearance as argument number 3

(domain geometricDistance 1 GeometricPoint) Merge.kif 18313-18313
(domain geometricDistance 2 GeometricPoint) Merge.kif 18314-18314
(domain pointOfFigure 1 GeometricPoint) Merge.kif 18246-18246
(domain pointOfIntersection 3 GeometricPoint) Merge.kif 18265-18265

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