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Sigma KEE - GUE_InPartCoveredState

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation GUE_InPartCoveredState EnglishLanguage "A GUIElement has a GUE_InPartCoveredState if some portion of it on the computer window space (including parts outside the visible window) for which it is defined has something opaque being displayed on a layer conceptually closer to the viewer such that that section would be partially displayed while some other portion is not opaquely covered.") ComputerInput.kif 2157-2160
(instance GUE_InPartCoveredState GUElementState) ComputerInput.kif 2155-2155 GUE_InPartCoveredState is an instance of GUElementState
(subAttribute GUE_InPartCoveredState GUE_PartiallyCoveredState) ComputerInput.kif 2156-2156 GUE_InPartCoveredState is a subattribute of GUE_PartiallyCoveredState

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