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Sigma KEE - FuelAtomizer
FuelAtomizer(fuel atomizer)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FuelAtomizer EnglishLanguage "A Device designed to atomize fuel to put into a GasMixture for use in Combustion. In a gas-powered automobile that typically has 14.7 parts air per part gasoline. Principal subclasses are FuelInjectors and Carburetors.") Cars.kif 1098-1101
(subclass FuelAtomizer Device) Cars.kif 1096-1096 Fuel atomizer is a subclass of device

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Carburetor FuelAtomizer) Cars.kif 1123-1123 Carburetor is a subclass of fuel atomizer
(subclass FuelInjector FuelAtomizer) Cars.kif 1117-1117 Fuel injector is a subclass of fuel atomizer
(termFormat EnglishLanguage FuelAtomizer "fuel atomizer") Cars.kif 1097-1097


    (instance ?FA FuelAtomizer)
    (hasPurpose ?FA
        (exists (?F ?S ?A ?C)
                (instance ?F Fuel)
                (instance ?S Spraying)
                (instance ?A Air)
                (instance ?C Combustion)
                (patient ?S ?A)
                (patient ?S ?F)
                (resource ?C ?F)
                (resource ?C ?A)))))
Cars.kif 1103-1115

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