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Sigma KEE - ExhaustValve
ExhaustValve(exhaust valve)exhaust_valve

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ExhaustValve EnglishLanguage "A Valve that opens to let the Exhaust escape into the ExhaustManifold.") Cars.kif 2644-2645
(documentation ExhaustValve EnglishLanguage "A Valve that opens to let the FuelVapor in to the CombustionChamber.") Cars.kif 2669-2670
(subclass ExhaustValve Valve) Cars.kif 2642-2642 Exhaust valve is a subclass of valve
(typicalPart ExhaustValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2646-2646 A exhaust valve is typically a part of a four stroke engine
(typicallyContainsPart ExhaustValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2647-2647 A four stroke engine typically has a part exhaust valve

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage ExhaustValve "exhaust valve") Cars.kif 2643-2643 "exhaust valve" is the printable form of exhaust valve in english language


    (instance ?EV ExhaustValve)
    (hasPurpose ?EV
        (exists (?E ?T)
                (instance ?T Transfer)
                (objectTransferred ?T ?E)
                (path ?T ?EV)
                (instance ?E Exhaust)))))
Cars.kif 2649-2657
    (instance ?EV ExhaustValve)
    (hasPurpose ?EV
        (exists (?EM)
                (instance ?EM ExhaustManifold)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?EV ?EM)))))
Cars.kif 2659-2665

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