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Sigma KEE - Deciding
Deciding(deciding)acknowledge, adjudicate, adjust, assessment, assign, attribute, bet, calculate, choose, conclude, conclusion, consider, count, decide, decision, depend, determination, determine, evaluate, filiate, finding_of_fact, judge, judgement, judgment, look, make_up_one's_mind, move, pass_judgment, purpose, reappraise, reason, reason_out, receive, reckon, reconsider, resolution, resolve, set, settle, value_judgement, value_judgment, verdict

VerbNet: correspond-36.1|decide, rely-70|bet, rely-70|bet, deduce-97.2|conclude, rely-70|bet, rely-70|bet, declare-29.4|judge, rely-70|bet, correspond-36.1|decide, declare-29.4|judge, price-54.4|reappraise, deduce-97.2|conclude, deduce-97.2|conclude, rely-70|bet, correspond-36.1|decide,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Deciding ChineseLanguage "这是 Selecting 过程的子类别,这发生在当 agent 从一组可以由他/ 她自由决定的多种可能性的行动方针中,选择一套行动方针时。") chinese_format.kif 3122-3123
(documentation Deciding EnglishLanguage "The subclass of Selecting where the agent opts for one course of action out of a set of multiple possibilities that are open to him/ her.") Merge.kif 11201-11203
(subclass Deciding Selecting) Merge.kif 11200-11200 Deciding is a subclass of selecting

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass GameCall Deciding) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13947-13947 Game call is a subclass of deciding
(subclass Resolution Deciding) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13733-13733 Resolution is a subclass of deciding
(subclass Voting Deciding) Merge.kif 11214-11214 Voting is a subclass of deciding
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Deciding "决定") domainEnglishFormat.kif 18745-18745
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Deciding "決定") domainEnglishFormat.kif 18744-18744
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Deciding "deciding") domainEnglishFormat.kif 18743-18743


        (instance ?DECIDE Deciding)
        (agent ?DECIDE ?AGENT)
        (patient ?DECIDE ?PROCESS))
        (instance ?PROCESS IntentionalProcess)
        (agent ?PROCESS ?AGENT)))
Merge.kif 11205-11212


    (instance ?DECISION LegalDecision)
    (exists (?DECIDE)
            (instance ?DECIDE Deciding)
                (WhenFn ?DECIDE)
                (WhenFn ?DECISION)))))
Merge.kif 10089-10094
    (ratingsAgent ?RATING ?AGENT)
    (exists (?PROCESS)
            (instance ?PROCESS Deciding)
            (agent ?PROCESS ?AGENT)
            (result ?PROCESS ?RATING))))
Hotel.kif 2955-2961

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