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Day)( Day)(
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DarwaziLanguage (darwazi language) customerRepresentative (customer representative)
DataCompression (data compression) customerValue (customer value)
DataDisplayDevice (DataDisplayDevice) cylinderBore (cylinderBore)
DataProcessingServices (data processing services) dailyLimit (daily limit)
DataSaving (data saving) dampingRatio (dampingRatio)
DataSink (data sink) dataID (dataID)
DataStorageDevice (DataStorageDevice) dataProcessed (data processed)
DataTransfer (data transfer) dataStreamSlack (data stream slack)
DataWarehouse (data warehouse) date (date)
Database (database) dateDissolved (date dissolved)
DatabaseAdministrator (database administrator) dateEstablished (date established)
DatabaseAndDirectoryPublishers (database and directory publishers) dateOfStatement (date of statement)
DateFruit (date fruit) dateOpenedForSignature (date opened for signature)
DatumFn (datum) dateUsed (date used)
Day (day) daughter (daughter)
Day)( day)(
DayDuration (day duration) dayPhone (day phone)
DayFn (day) daylightHoursInterval (daylight hours interval)
DayLoan (day loan) daylightHoursTotal (daylight hours total)
DayOrder (day order) de (de)
DaySchool (day school) deathdate (deathdate)
DayTime (day time) deathplace (deathplace)
DcMotor (dc motor) deceptiveIdentifier (deceptive identifier)
DeFrieEvangeliskeForsamlinger (DeFrieEvangeliskeForsamlinger) decreasesLikelihood (decreases likelihood)
Deacon (deacon) defaultMaxValue (defaultMaxValue)
Dead (dead) defaultMaximumHeight (default maximum height)
DeadFn (DeadFn) defaultMaximumLength (default maximum length)
DeadSea (dead sea) defaultMaximumMeasure (default maximum measure)
Deaf (deaf) defaultMaximumSphereRadius (default maximum sphere radius)
DeafSignLanguage (deaf sign language) defaultMaximumWidth (default maximum width)
Death (death) defaultMeasure (default measure)
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