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Sigma KEE - DVD
DVDDVD, videodisc, videodisk

appearance as argument number 1

(diskTypeForDrive DVD DVDDrive) ComputerInput.kif 810-810 DVDDrive reads or writes DVD
(documentation DVD EnglishLanguage "An instance of DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) is a disc-shaped DigitalDataStorageDevice similar to a CompactDisc, but with a larger storage capacity.") Media.kif 1254-1257
(subclass DVD DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1258-1258 DVD is a subclass of DigitalDataStorageDevice
(subclass DVD OpticalDisc) Media.kif 1259-1259 DVD is a subclass of OpticalDisc

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint BluRayDisc DVD) Media.kif 1194-1194 BluRayDisc is disjoint from DVD


        (instance ?X DVD)
        (instance ?READ Decoding)
        (patient ?READ ?X))
    (exists (?LASER)
            (instance ?LASER RadiatingLight)
            (instrument ?READ ?LASER)
            (wavelength ?LASER
                (MeasureFn 650 Nanometer)))))
Media.kif 1261-1271


    (instance ?X DVDSystem)
    (hasPurpose ?X
        (exists (?DVD ?PROC)
                (instance ?DVD DVD)
                (instrument ?PROC ?X)
                (patient ?PROC ?DVD)
                    (exists (?VIDEO ?DVIDEO ?RL)
                            (instance ?VIDEO VideoRecording)
                            (represents ?DVIDEO ?VIDEO)
                            (part ?DVIDEO ?DVD)
                            (instance ?RL RadiatingLight)
                            (subProcess ?RL ?PROC)
                            (instrument ?RL ?X)
                            (patient ?RL ?VIDEO)))
                    (exists (?AUDIO ?DAUDIO ?RS)
                            (instance ?AUDIO AudioRecording)
                            (represents ?DAUDIO ?AUDIO)
                            (part ?DAUDIO ?DVD)
                            (instance ?RS RadiatingSound)
                            (subProcess ?RS ?PROC)
                            (instrument ?RS ?X)
                            (patient ?RS ?AUDIO))))))))
Media.kif 1279-1305

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