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Sigma KEE - Colloid
Colloid(colloid)colloid, colloidal_gel, colloidal_solution, colloidal_suspension, dispersed_particles, dispersed_phase, dispersing_medium, dispersing_phase, dispersion_medium, emulsion, gel, silica_gel, silver_protein, sol

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Colloid ChineseLanguage "Colloid 是一种 Mixture,它是由一种极为微小、 按照溫特瓦分級,颗粒 approximateDiameter 介于 0.95 and 977 nanometer 的Insoluble substance 均匀悬浮在另外一种 substance 中。") Geography.kif 6739-6741
(documentation Colloid EnglishLanguage "A Colloid is a Mixture in which microscopically dispersed Insoluble particles, between 0.95 and 977 Nanometers in approximateDiameter on the Wentworth Scale are suspended throughout another Substance.") Geography.kif 6734-6737
(subclass Colloid Mixture) Geography.kif 6747-6747 Colloid is a subclass of mixture

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Aerosal Colloid) Geography.kif 6909-6909 Aerosal is a subclass of colloid
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Colloid "胶体") Geography.kif 6745-6745
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Colloid "colloid") Geography.kif 6743-6743


        (instance ?C Colloid)
        (part ?P ?C)
            (attribute ?P Solid)
            (attribute ?P Liquid))
        (instance ?AIR Air)
        (part ?AIR ?C))
    (instance ?C Aerosal))
Geography.kif 6911-6920
    (instance ?Z Colloid)
    (exists (?P ?S)
            (part ?P ?Z)
            (attribute ?P Insoluble)
            (approximateDiameter ?P
                (MeasureFn ?S Nanometer))
            (greaterThan 977 ?S)
            (greaterThan ?S 0.95))))
Geography.kif 6749-6758

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