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Class。又例如:( Class。又例如:(
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Clamp (clamp) chanceryFAXNumberInArea (chanceryFAX number in area)
Clapping (clapping) chanceryMailingAddressInArea (chancery mailing address in area)
Clarinet (Clarinet) chanceryTelephoneNumberInArea (chancery telephone number in area)
ClarkAirbasePhilippines (clark airbase philippines) changesLocation (changes location)
Class (class) checkAccount (check account)
ClassIIIRailroad (classIII railroad) checkInTime (check-in time)
ClassIIRailroad (classII railroad) checkNumber (check number)
ClassIRailroad (classI railroad) checkOutTime (check-out time)
ClassOnAcademicFieldFn (ClassOnAcademicFieldFn) chiefOfDiplomaticMission (chief of diplomatic mission)
ClassOnLanguageFn (ClassOnLanguageFn) chiefOfState (chief of state)
ClassOnSportFn (ClassOnSportFn) chiefOfStateType (chief of state type)
ClassicalMusic (classical music) citizen (citizen)
ClassificationScheme (classification scheme) claimedTerritory (claimed territory)
Classifying (classifying) classIntersection (classIntersection)
Classroom (classroom) classmate (classmate)
Class。又例如:( class。又例如:(
Clay (clay) climateTypeInArea (climate type in area)
ClayAndCeramicAndRefractoryMineralsMining (clay and ceramic and refractory minerals mining) closedOn (closed on)
ClayBuildingMaterialAndRefractoriesManufacturing (clay building material and refractories manufacturing) closingPrice (closing price)
ClayProductAndRefractoryManufacturing (clay product and refractory manufacturing) cloudCoverFraction (cloud cover fraction)
ClayRefractoryManufacturing (clay refractory manufacturing) coaches (coaches)
Clean (clean) codeMapping (codeMapping)
Cleaning (cleaning) coding (coding)
CleaningDevice (cleaning device) cohabitant (cohabitant)
ClearWeather (clear weather) coilCount (coilCount)
Cleric (cleric) coldSeasonInArea (cold season in area)
ClericalSecretary (clerical secretary) colleague (colleague)
ClevelandOhio (cleveland ohio) collectRate (collect rate)
ClickThroughRateFn (click-through rate) colocatedAgent (colocated business)
Clicking (Clicking) color (color)
Cliff (cliff) commandLineArguments (command line arguments)
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