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Sigma KEE - Beverage
Madeira, May_wine, Turkish_coffee, alcoholic, beverage, brew, brewage, bubbling, bubbly, buck's_fizz, cafe_royale, camomile_tea, carbonated, cassareep, cassiri, champagne_cup, chaser, chocolate, chocolate_milk, claret_cup, cocoa, coconut_cream, coconut_milk, coffee_royal, criollo, cup, draft, draught, drink, drinkable, drinking_chocolate, dry, effervescent, effervescing, eggnog, eggshake, fellow, fish_house_punch, fizz, flat, float, foaming, foamy, formula, frappe, frothy, fruit_punch, gin_rickey, glogg, hard...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Beverage EnglishLanguage "Any food that is ingested by Drinking. Note that this class is disjoint Meat and FruitOrVegetable.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 19225-19226
(externalImage Beverage " 55/ FountainSoda.jpg") pictureList.kif 889-889 " FountainSoda.jpg" is a URL depicting beverage
(subclass Beverage LiquidFood) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19222-19222 Beverage is a subclass of liquid food
(subclass Beverage Substance) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19223-19223 Beverage is a subclass of substance

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint Meat Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19224-19224 Meat is disjoint from beverage
(subclass AlcoholicBeverage Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9338-9338 Alcoholic beverage is a subclass of beverage
(subclass Coffee Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19433-19433 Coffee is a subclass of beverage
(subclass Milk Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9296-9296 Milk is a subclass of beverage
(subclass Soda Beverage) Food.kif 908-908 Soda is a subclass of beverage
(subclass Tea Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9333-9333 Tea is a subclass of beverage
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Beverage "饮料") chinese_format.kif 1015-1015 "饮料" is the printable form of beverage in ChineseLanguage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Beverage "beverage") english_format.kif 1116-1116 "beverage" is the printable form of beverage in english language
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage Beverage "飲料") english_format.kif 1117-1117 "飲料" is the printable form of beverage in japanese language


    (instance ?BEV Beverage)
    (attribute ?BEV Liquid))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 19228-19230


        (instance ?CUP DrinkingCup)
        (contains ?CUP ?STUFF))
    (instance ?STUFF Beverage))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 5037-5041
        (instance ?DRINK Drinking)
        (patient ?DRINK ?BEV))
    (instance ?BEV Beverage))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 19232-19236
        (instance ?ORG Organization)
        (attribute ?ORG BeverageAndTobaccoProductManufacturing))
    (exists (?EV ?MEM)
            (member ?MEM ?ORG)
            (agent ?MEM ?EV)
            (exists (?THING ?MEM2 ?EV2)
                    (instance ?EV Manufacture)
                        (instance ?THING Beverage)
                        (instance ?THING TobaccoProduct))
                    (patient ?EV ?THING)
                    (member ?MEM2 ?ORG)
                    (instance ?EV2 Selling)
                    (agent ?EV2 ?MEM2)
                    (patient ?EV2 ?THING))))))
naics.kif 1837-1855
        (instance ?ORG Organization)
        (attribute ?ORG FoodAndBeverageStores))
    (exists (?EV ?MEM)
            (member ?MEM ?ORG)
            (agent ?MEM ?EV)
            (exists (?THING)
                    (instance ?EV Selling)
                        (instance ?THING
                            (FoodForFn Animal))
                        (instance ?THING Beverage))
                    (patient ?EV ?THING))))))
naics.kif 7326-7340
        (instance ?V Vending)
        (objectTransferred ?V ?O)
            (instance ?O Currency)))
            (instance ?O
                (FoodForFn Human))
            (instance ?O Beverage)) Likely))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 2446-2455
    (instance ?MENU BeverageMenu)
    (forall (?X)
            (catalogItem ?X ?MENU)
            (subclass ?MEMB Beverage))))
Dining.kif 205-210
    (instance ?X WetBar)
    (exists (?SINK ?OBJ)
            (instance ?SINK WashBasin)
            (part ?SINK ?X)
            (instance ?OBJ Object)
            (attribute ?OBJ Flat)
            (hasPurpose ?OBJ
                (exists (?PREP ?FOOD)
                        (instance ?PREP Making)
                        (result ?PREP ?FOOD)
                            (instance ?FOOD PreparedFood)
                            (instance ?FOOD Beverage))
                        (eventLocated ?PREP ?OBJ))))
            (part ?OBJ ?X))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25138-25155

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