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Attribute。例如:( Attribute。例如:(
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Atom (atom) areaOfOperation (area of operation)
AtomGram (atom gram) areaOfResponsibility (area of responsibility)
AtomicGroup (atomic group) arrested (arrested)
AtomicNucleus (atomic nucleus) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
Atrophy (atrophy) askPrice (ask price)
Atropine (atropine) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
AtrushIraq (atrush iraq) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
Attaching (attaching) associatedFunctionality (associated functionality)
AttachingDevice (attaching device) atTheMoney (at the money)
Attack (attack) atomicNumber (atomic number)
AtticGreekLanguage (attic greek language) attends (attends)
Attorney (attorney) attitudeForFormula (attitudeForFormula)
AttorneyGeneral (attorney general) attitudeForObject (attitudeForObject)
AttrFn (attr) attorney (attorney)
Attribute (attribute) attribute (attribute)
Attribute。例如:( attribute。例如:(
AtzmonaGazaStrip (atzmona gaza strip) aunt (aunt)
AuctionAttribute (auction attribute) authors (authors)
AuctionGMBFn (gross merchandise bought in auctions) automatedNotification (automatedNotification)
Auctioning (auction) availableBalance (available balance)
Audible (audible) availableCash (available cash)
AudioAndVideoEquipmentManufacturing (audio and video equipment manufacturing) average (average)
AudioCDSystem (cd player) averagePrecipitationForPeriod (average precipitation for period)
AudioCassette (AudioCassette) averageRainfallForPeriod (average rainfall for period)
AudioDataStorageDevice (AudioDataStorageDevice) averageTemperatureForPeriod (average temperature for period)
AudioFile (AudioFile) axis (axis)
AudioInput (AudioInput) bandwidth (bandwidth of)
AudioInputControl (AudioInputControl) bankAccount (bank account)
AudioMessaging (AudioMessaging) baptismdate (baptismdate)
AudioRecorder (audio recorder) baptismplace (baptismplace)
AudioRecording (audio recording) barometricPressure (barometric pressure)
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