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Sigma KEE - AssociativeFunction
تَابِع تَجْمِيعِي, Funcao_Associativa, FunzioneAssociativa, associative_function, fonction_associative, pinagsamang_tungkulin, sahachaary_prakaarya, 结合函数

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AssociativeFunction ChineseLanguage "一个 BinaryFunction 属于关联性的如果 使用括号并没有影响 Function 所交出的值,更确切的说,对于所有的?INST1、 ?INST2 和 ?INST3, Function ?FUNCTION 是关联性的,以防(?FUNCTION ?INST1 (?FUNCTION ?INST2 ?INST3))和 (?FUNCTION (?FUNCTION ?INST1 ?INST2) ?INST3)相同。") Merge.kif 3493-3496
(documentation AssociativeFunction EnglishLanguage "A BinaryFunction is associative if bracketing has no effect on the value returned by the Function. More precisely, a Function ?FUNCTION is associative just in case (?FUNCTION ?INST1 (?FUNCTION ?INST2 ?INST3)) is equal to (?FUNCTION (?FUNCTION ?INST1 ?INST2) ?INST3), for all ?INST1, ?INST2, and ?INST3.") Merge.kif 3487-3492
(externalImage AssociativeFunction " commons/ e/ eb/ RelativeComplement.png") pictureList.kif 8354-8354
(subclass AssociativeFunction BinaryFunction) Merge.kif 3486-3486

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage AssociativeFunction "the associative function of %1 and %2") domainEnglishFormat.kif 61-61
(instance AdditionFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 4841-4841
(instance DivisionFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 4878-4878
(instance MaxFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 5117-5117
(instance MinFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 5144-5144
(instance MultiplicationFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 4827-4827
(instance SubtractionFn AssociativeFunction) Merge.kif 4858-4858
(termFormat ChineseLanguage AssociativeFunction "结合函数") chinese_format.kif 921-921
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AssociativeFunction "associative function") english_format.kif 608-608
(termFormat FrenchLanguage AssociativeFunction "fonction associative") french_format.kif 597-597
(termFormat Hindi AssociativeFunction "sahachaary prakaarya") terms-hindi.txt 127-127
(termFormat ItalianLanguage AssociativeFunction "FunzioneAssociativa") terms-it.txt 128-128
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage AssociativeFunction "Funcao Associativa") portuguese_format.kif 549-549
(termFormat ar AssociativeFunction "تَابِع تَجْمِيعِي") arabic_format.kif 333-333
(termFormat cz AssociativeFunction "associative function") terms-cz.txt 164-164
(termFormat tg AssociativeFunction "pinagsamang tungkulin") terms-tg.txt 131-131


    (instance ?FUNCTION AssociativeFunction)
    (forall (?INST1 ?INST2 ?INST3)
                (domain ?FUNCTION 1 ?CLASS)
                (instance ?INST1 ?CLASS)
                (instance ?INST2 ?CLASS)
                (instance ?INST3 ?CLASS))
                (AssignmentFn ?FUNCTION ?INST1
                    (AssignmentFn ?FUNCTION ?INST2 ?INST3))
                (AssignmentFn ?FUNCTION
                    (AssignmentFn ?FUNCTION ?INST1 ?INST2) ?INST3)))))
Merge.kif 3498-3508

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