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Sigma KEE - AccountOfServiceFn

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AccountOfServiceFn EnglishLanguage "This function takes some SocialNetworkingSite as an argument and returns a subclass of SocialNetworkingAccount. (AccountOfServiceFn Network) represents the class of accounts held with Network. For instance, (equals FacebookAccount (AccountOfServiceFn Facebook)).") Facebook.kif 92-96
(domain AccountOfServiceFn 1 SocialNetworkingSite) Facebook.kif 98-98
(instance AccountOfServiceFn UnaryFunction) Facebook.kif 100-100
(rangeSubclass AccountOfServiceFn SocialNetworkingAccount) Facebook.kif 99-99

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage AccountOfServiceFn "the account of %1") domainEnglishFormat.kif 680-680


        (instance ?SITE SocialNetworkingSite)
        (instance ?ACCOUNT
            (AccountOfServiceFn ?SITE)))
    (exists (?USER)
            (instance ?USER SocialNetworkingUser)
            (hasAccount ?USER ?ACCOUNT))))
Facebook.kif 103-110


    (connectedInSocialNetwork ?USER1 ?USER2)
    (exists (?ACCOUNT1 ?ACCOUNT2 ?SITE)
            (instance ?SITE SocialNetworkingSite)
            (instance ?ACCOUNT1
                (AccountOfServiceFn ?SITE))
            (instance ?ACCOUNT2
                (AccountOfServiceFn ?SITE))
            (hasAccount ?USER1 ?ACCOUNT1)
            (hasAccount ?USER2 ?ACCOUNT2))))
Facebook.kif 51-59

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