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Sigma KEE - Class
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appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Class ChineseLanguage " Class 在三个重要方面与 Set 不同:第一,我们不假设 Class 为能延伸的,也就是说不同的 Class 可能由完全相同的实例。第二,Class 通常有一个决定该 Class 实例的附带`条件'。所以举例说:`人类' 决定 HumanClass。注:有些 Class 可能满足自身 的条件(例如 Abstract 东西的 ClassAbstract) 所以它们本身成为实例。 第三:一个类别的实例可能 只在该类别出现一次,也就是输一个泪奔不能拥有重复的实例。") chinese_format.kif 1806-1810
(documentation Class EnglishLanguage "Classes differ from Sets in three important respects. First, Classes are not assumed to be extensional. That is, distinct Classes might well have exactly the same instances. Second, Classes typically have an associated `condition' that determines the instances of the Class. So, for example, the condition `human' determines the Class of Humans. Note that some Classes might satisfy their own condition (e.g., the Class of Abstract things is Abstract) and hence be instances of themselves. Third, the instances of a class may occur only once within the class, i.e. a class cannot contain duplicate instances.") Merge.kif 2050-2058
(externalImage Class " Oldfaithful3.png") pictureList.kif 10650-10650
(externalImage Class " Maximum_boxed.png") pictureList.kif 10649-10649
(externalImage Class " Arbitrary-gametree-solved.png") pictureList.kif 10652-10652
(externalImage Class " Market_Data_Index_NYA_on_20050726_202628_UTC.png") pictureList.kif 10651-10651
(externalImage Class " Composite_trapezoidal_rule_illustration_small.png") pictureList.kif 10648-10648
(externalImage Class " BernoullisLawDerivationDiagram.png") pictureList.kif 10647-10647
(externalImage Class " Pyramid_of_Capitalist_System.png") pictureList.kif 9960-9960
(externalImage Class "") pictureList.kif 10654-10654
(externalImage Class "") pictureList.kif 10646-10646
(subclass Class SetOrClass) Merge.kif 2048-2048

appearance as argument number 2

(range AttrFn Class) Merge.kif 1684-1684
(range ExtensionFn Class) Merge.kif 1670-1670
(range KappaFn Class) Merge.kif 5309-5309
(subclass BiologicalSpecies Class) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8861-8861
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Class "类") chinese_format.kif 886-886
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Class "class") english_format.kif 979-979

appearance as argument number 3

(domain AttrFn 1 Class) Merge.kif 1685-1685
(domain TTFxFn 1 Class) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1696-1696
(domain closedOn 2 Class) Merge.kif 3461-3461
(domain disjoint 1 Class) Merge.kif 394-394
(domain disjoint 2 Class) Merge.kif 395-395
(domain disjointDecomposition 1 Class) Merge.kif 566-566
(domain disjointDecomposition 2 Class) Merge.kif 567-567
(domain domain 3 Class) Merge.kif 208-208
(domain domainSubclass 3 Class) Merge.kif 230-230
(domain equivalenceRelationOn 2 Class) Merge.kif 3584-3584
(domain exhaustiveDecomposition 1 Class) Merge.kif 548-548
(domain exhaustiveDecomposition 2 Class) Merge.kif 549-549
(domain immediateSubclass 1 Class) Merge.kif 151-151
(domain immediateSubclass 2 Class) Merge.kif 152-152
(domain instance 2 Class) Merge.kif 82-82
(domain irreflexiveOn 2 Class) Merge.kif 3508-3508
(domain partialOrderingOn 2 Class) Merge.kif 3527-3527
(domain partition 1 Class) Merge.kif 582-582
(domain partition 2 Class) Merge.kif 583-583
(domain range 2 Class) Merge.kif 305-305
(domain reflexiveOn 2 Class) Merge.kif 3490-3490
(domain subclass 1 Class) Merge.kif 129-129
(domain subclass 2 Class) Merge.kif 130-130
(domain successorClass 1 Class) Merge.kif 8487-8487
(domain successorClass 2 Class) Merge.kif 8488-8488

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    (instance ?CLASS Class)
    (subclass ?CLASS Entity))
Merge.kif 793-795


        (instance ?CATEG WebListingCategory)
        (instance ?LISTING1 WebListing)
        (instance ?LISTING2 WebListing)
        (instance ?ITEM1 Object)
        (instance ?ITEM2 Object)
        (member ?LISTING1 ?CATEG)
        (member ?LISTING2 ?CATEG)
        (patient ?ITEM1 ?LISTING1)
        (patient ?ITEM2 ?LISTING2))
    (exists (?CLASS)
            (instance ?CLASS Class)
            (instance ?ITEM1 ?CLASS)
            (instance ?ITEM2 ?CLASS))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 182-197
    (disjointDecomposition @ROW)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Class)))
Merge.kif 574-578
    (exhaustiveDecomposition @ROW)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Class)))
Merge.kif 558-562
    (instance ?DESCRIPTIONPAGE ProductDescriptionPage)
            (instance ?PRODUCT Class)
            (instance ?ADVERTISEMENT Advertising)
            (patient ?ADVERTISEMENT ?PRODUCT)
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 2240-2247
    (instance ?DESCRIPTIONPAGE ProductDescriptionPage)
            (instance ?PRODUCT Class)
            (instance ?STATING Stating)
            (patient ?STATING ?DESCRIPTION)
            (refers ?DESCRIPTION ?PRODUCT)
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 2249-2258
    (subclass ?X ?Y)
        (instance ?X Class)
        (instance ?Y Class)))
Merge.kif 135-139

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