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PharmaceuticalArtifact PharmaceuticalArtifact
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PetroleumAndPetroleumProductsWholesalers (petroleum and petroleum products wholesalers) pathInSystem (path in system)
PetroleumAndPetroleumProductsWholesalersExceptBulkStationsAndTerminals (petroleum and petroleum products wholesalers except bulk stations and terminals) pathLength (path length)
PetroleumBasedEconomy (petroleum based economy) patient (patient)
PetroleumBulkStationsAndTerminals (petroleum bulk stations and terminals) patientMedical (patient medical)
PetroleumIndustry (petroleum industry) paymentsPerPeriod (payments per period)
PetroleumLubricant (petroleum lubricant) penetrates (penetrates)
PetroleumLubricatingOilAndGreaseManufacturing (petroleum lubricating oil and grease manufacturing) perCapitaGDP (per capitaGD p)
PetroleumProduct (petroleum product) perCapitaGDPInPeriod (per capitaGDP in period)
PetroleumProductPipeline (petroleum product pipeline) performanceResult (performance result)
PetroleumProductsManufacturing (petroleum products manufacturing) periodicPayment (periodic payment)
PetroleumRefineries (petroleum refineries) permanentCropLandArea (permanent crop land area)
PetroleumTankerShip (petroleum tanker ship) permits (permits)
PetsAllowedPolicy (pets allowed) perpetrator (perpetrator)
PfaelzischLanguage (pfaelzisch language) personTransportCapability (person transport capability)
PharmaceuticalAndMedicineManufacturing (pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing) personalPhoneNumber (personalPhoneNumber)
PharmaceuticalArtifact pharmaceuticalArtifact
PharmaceuticalPreparationManufacturing (pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing) phoneNumber (phone number)
PharmaciesAndDrugStores (pharmacies and drug stores) physicalAmplitude (physicalAmplitude)
Pharmacist (pharmacist) physicalDomain (physicalDomain)
PhiladelphiaPennsylvania (philadelphia pennsylvania) physicalEnd (physicalEnd)
PhilippinePeso (philippine peso) physicalInclusion (physical inclusion)
PhilippineSignLanguage (philippine sign language) piece (piece)
Philippines (philippines) pin (pin)
Philosopher (Philosopher) pistonStroke (pistonStroke)
Philosophy (philosophy) plaintiff (plaintiff)
PhnomPenhCambodia (phnom penh cambodia) plays (plays)
PhoneOS (PhoneOS) playsRoleInEvent (plays role in event)
Phosgene (phosgene) playsRoleInEventOfType (plays role in event of type)
PhosgeneOxime (phosgene oxime) pointOfFigure (point of figure)
Phosphate (phosphate) pointOfIntersection (point of intersection)
PhosphateRockMining (phosphate rock mining) policyClause (policyClause)
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