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MetalArtifact MetalArtifact
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MerchantMarine (merchant marine) meatOfAnimal (meat of animal)
MerchantMarineFn (merchant marine) meceCollection (mutually exclusive completely exhaustive)
MerchantMarineShip (merchant marine ship) medicalPatient (medical patient)
Mercury (mercury) mediumAltitudeWindSpeed (medium altitude wind speed)
MereologicalDifferenceFn (mereological difference) mediumAltitudeWindVelocity (medium altitude wind velocity)
MereologicalProductFn (mereological product) meetSpatially (meetSpatially)
MereologicalSumFn (mereological sum) meetsSpatially (meets spatially)
MersinTurkey (mersin turkey) meetsTemporally (meets temporally)
Mesa (mesa) meltingPoint (melting point)
MesopotamianCuisine (Mesopotamian Cuisine) member (member)
Message (message) memberAtTime (member at time)
Messaging (messaging) memberCount (member count)
MetaColombia (meta colombia) memberType (member type)
Metal (metal) memberTypeCount (member type count)
MetalAndMineralExceptPetroleumWholesalers (metal and mineral except petroleum wholesalers) memorySize (memory size)
MetalArtifact metalArtifact
MetalCanBoxAndOtherMetalContainerLightGaugeManufacturing (metal can box and other metal container light gauge manufacturing) middleName (middle name)
MetalCanManufacturing (metal can manufacturing) militaryAge (military age)
MetalCoatingEngravingExceptJewelryAndSilverwareAndAlliedServicesToManufacturers (metal coating engraving except jewelry and silverware and allied services to manufacturers) militaryExpendituresFractionOfGDP (military expenditures fraction ofGD p)
MetalHeatTreating (metal heat treating) militaryExpendituresFractionOfGDPInPeriod (military expenditures fraction ofGDP in period)
MetalHouseholdFurnitureManufacturing (metal household furniture manufacturing) militaryExpendituresInUSDollars (military expenditures inUS dollars)
MetalOreMining (metal ore mining) militaryExpendituresInUSDollarsInPeriod (military expenditures inUS dollars in period)
MetalServiceCentersAndOffices (metal service centers and offices) militaryOfArea (military of area)
MetalStamping (metal stamping) mimeType (mimeType)
MetalTankHeavyGaugeManufacturing (metal tank heavy gauge manufacturing) minCardinality (minCardinality)
MetalValveManufacturing (metal valve manufacturing) minCylinderVolume (minCylinderVolume)
MetalWindowAndDoorManufacturing (metal window and door manufacturing) minValue (minValue)
MetallicAlloy (metallic alloy) minimumBalance (minimum balance)
MetallurgicalPlant (metallurgical plant) minimumPayment (minimum payment)
MetallurgyIndustry (metallurgy industry) minimumReplications (minimum replications)
MetalworkingMachineryManufacturing (metalworking machinery manufacturing) misspelledTitle (misspelledTitle)
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