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ForestArtifact ForestArtifact
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FootballerUS (FootballerUS) fiscalYearPeriod (fiscal year period)
FootwearAndLeatherGoodsRepair (footwear and leather goods repair) fitForMilitaryService (fit for military service)
FootwearManufacturing (footwear manufacturing) fixedInterestRate (fixed interest rate)
FootwearWholesalers (footwear wholesalers) flagDescription (flag description)
ForSaleByOwner (FSBO) flagImage (flag image)
ForageCrop (forage crop) flagState (flag state)
Force (force) fleetDeadWeightTonnage (fleet dead weight tonnage)
ForceQuit (force quit) fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage (fleet gross registered tonnage)
FordAutomobile (Ford) fleetSize (Fleet Size)
FordCorporation (Ford) floorCode (floorCode)
FordWheelRim (Ford rim) floorLoan (floor loan)
ForeignInternalDefense (foreign internal defense) flowCurrent (flow current)
ForeignServicePosition (foreign service position) flows (flows)
ForeignTerroristOrganization (foreign terrorist organization) follows (follows)
Forest (forest) forall (forall)
ForestArtifact forestArtifact
ForestDamage (forest damage) formOfAdaptation (form of adaptation)
ForestDegradation (forest degradation) format (format)
ForestFire (forest fire) formerName (former name)
ForestNurseriesAndGatheringOfForestProducts (forest nurseries and gathering of forest products) foundingdate (foundingdate)
ForestryAndLogging (forestry and logging) freeFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
ForgingAndStamping (forging and stamping) freePropertyAmenity (free property amenity)
FormOfAdaptationAttribute (form of adaptation attribute) freeRoomAmenity (free room amenity)
FormOfGovernment (form of government) frequency (frequency)
FormText (form text) friend (friend)
FormalAttribute (formal) fulfillingEntity (fulfillingEntity)
FormalIdentifier (FormalIdentifier) fullName (fullName)
FormalMeeting (formal meeting) fullNameIndexOrder (fullNameIndexOrder)
FormalWearAndCostumeRental (formal wear and costume rental) functionRoomAmenity (function room amenity)
FormequeColombia (formeque colombia) gainsControl (gains control)
FormerSovietOrEasternEuropeanCountry (former soviet or eastern european country) geneticSubstrateOfVirus (genetic substrate of virus)
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