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FoodArtifact FoodArtifact
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Flying (flying) firstTimeSellers (first time buyers)
FlyingAircraft (flying) fiscalYearPeriod (fiscal year period)
Flywheel (flywheel) fitForMilitaryService (fit for military service)
Focusing (focusing) fixedInterestRate (fixed interest rate)
Fodder (fodder) flagDescription (flag description)
Fog (fog) flagImage (flag image)
Fogging (fog) flagState (flag state)
FolderIcon (folder) fleetDeadWeightTonnage (fleet dead weight tonnage)
Folding (folding) fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage (fleet gross registered tonnage)
FoldingPaperboardBoxManufacturing (folding paperboard box manufacturing) fleetSize (Fleet Size)
FolkMusic (folk music) floorCode (floorCode)
Food (Food) floorLoan (floor loan)
FoodAid (food aid) flowCurrent (flow current)
FoodAndAgricultureOrganization (food and agriculture organization) flows (flows)
FoodAndBeverageStores (food and beverage stores) follows (follows)
FoodArtifact foodArtifact
FoodAttribute (food attribute) forall (forall)
FoodCropsGrownUnderCover (food crops grown under cover) formOfAdaptation (form of adaptation)
FoodDistributionOperation (food distribution operation) format (format)
FoodForFn (FoodForFn) formerName (former name)
FoodHealthSupplementStores (food health supplement stores) foundingdate (foundingdate)
FoodManufacturing (food manufacturing) freeFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
FoodPickup (food pickup) freePropertyAmenity (free property amenity)
FoodProductMachineryManufacturing (food product machinery manufacturing) freeRoomAmenity (free room amenity)
FoodRating (FoodRating) frequency (frequency)
FoodServiceContractors (food service contractors) friend (friend)
FoodServicesAndDrinkingPlaces (food services and drinking places) fulfillingEntity (fulfillingEntity)
Foot (foot) fullName (fullName)
FootAndMouthVirus (foot and mouth virus) fullNameIndexOrder (fullNameIndexOrder)
FootBall (FootBall) functionRoomAmenity (function room amenity)
FootLength (foot length) gainsControl (gains control)
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