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inizia%p{s} inizia%p{s}
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InformationServices (information services) industryProductType (industry product type)
InformationServicesAndDataProcessingServices (information services and data processing services) industryRankByOutput (industry rank by output)
InformationStandards (information standards) industryServiceType (industry service type)
InfraRedGMissile (infra-red guided missile) inflationRate (inflation rate)
InfrastructureCooperation (infrastructure cooperation) inflationRateInCountry (inflationRateInCountry)
Ingesting (ingesting) inflationRateOfConsumerPrices (inflation rate of consumer prices)
Inhabited (Inhabited) inflationRateOfConsumerPricesInPeriod (inflation rate of consumer prices in period)
InhalationalAnthrax (inhalational anthrax) ingredient (ingredient)
Inhaling (inhaling) ingredientAmount (amount of ingredient)
InheritableRelation (inheritable relation) inhabits (inhabits)
Inheriting (inheriting) inhibit (inhibit)
InitialNodeFn (initial node) inhibits (inhibits)
InitialProfileFn (initial profile) initialList (initial list)
Initiation-DesignPattern (initiation- design pattern) initialPart (initial part)
InitiatorProtein (initiator protein) initiallyContainsPart (initially contains part)
Inizia%p{s} inizia%p{s}
Injecting (injecting) instance (instance)
Injuring (injuring) instrument (instrument)
InlandWaterFreightTransportation (inland water freight transportation) insured (insured)
InlandWaterPassengerTransportation (inland water passenger transportation) intelligenceQuotient (intelligence quotient)
InlandWaterSystem (inland water system) interestEarned (interest earned)
InlandWaterTransportation (inland water transportation) interestRatePerPeriod (interest rate per period)
Inlet (inlet) interiorPart (interior part)
InletPassage (inlet passage) internationalDispute (internationalDispute)
Inmarsat (inmarsat) internetCountryCode (internet country code)
InnerBoundaryFn (inner boundary) invadingVirus (invading virus)
InorganicDyeAndPigmentManufacturing (inorganic dye and pigment manufacturing) inventory (inventory)
InputCharacterString (InputCharacterString) inverse (inverse)
Insect (insect) involvedInEvent (involved in event)
Inserting (inserting) ipAddressOf (ip address of)
InsertionFee (insertion fee) irreflexiveOn (irreflexive on)
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