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Sigma KEE - biochemicalAgentDelivery

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation biochemicalAgentDelivery EnglishLanguage "(biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?PROCESS) means that the Process ?PROCESS is capable of infecting an organism with the BiochemicalAgent ?AGENT when the organism is the experiencer and the ?AGENT the patient of an instance of ?PROCESS.") WMD.kif 778-781
(domainSubclass biochemicalAgentDelivery 1 BiochemicalAgent) WMD.kif 776-776
(domainSubclass biochemicalAgentDelivery 2 Process) WMD.kif 777-777
(instance biochemicalAgentDelivery BinaryPredicate) WMD.kif 775-775

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage biochemicalAgentDelivery "%2 is %n a biochemical agent delivery of %1") domainEnglishFormat.kif 82-82
(termFormat EnglishLanguage biochemicalAgentDelivery "biochemical agent delivery") domainEnglishFormat.kif 2264-2264


        (biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?PROCESS)
        (subclass ?SUB ?PROCESS))
    (biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?SUB))
WMD.kif 783-787


        (biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?PROCESS)
        (subclass ?SUB ?PROCESS))
    (biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?SUB))
WMD.kif 783-787


        (biochemicalAgentSyndrome ?AGENT ?SYMPTOM)
        (biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?PROCESSTYPE)
        (instance ?PROCESS ?PROCESSTYPE)
        (experiencer ?PROCESS ?ORGANISM))
    (attribute ?ORGANISM ?SYMPTOM))
WMD.kif 761-767

appearance as argument number 0

(biochemicalAgentDelivery AerosolizedBacillusAnthracis Breathing) WMD.kif 292-292
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Breathing) WMD.kif 281-281
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Ingesting) WMD.kif 282-282
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Poking) WMD.kif 283-283
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Touching) WMD.kif 284-284
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusCereus Ingesting) WMD.kif 1699-1699
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent Breathing) WMD.kif 200-200
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent Touching) WMD.kif 201-201
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BlisterAgent Breathing) WMD.kif 472-472
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BlisterAgent Ingesting) WMD.kif 473-473
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BlisterAgent Touching) WMD.kif 471-471
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BloodAgent Breathing) WMD.kif 518-518
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BordetellaPertussis Breathing) WMD.kif 1436-1436
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BotulinumToxin Ingesting) WMD.kif 326-326
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaMallei Poking) WMD.kif 357-357
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Breathing) WMD.kif 374-374
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Ingesting) WMD.kif 375-375
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Poking) WMD.kif 373-373
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ChlamydiaPsittaci Breathing) WMD.kif 1446-1446
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ChokingAgent Breathing) WMD.kif 598-598
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ClostridiumPerfringens Ingesting) WMD.kif 342-342
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ClostridiumTetani Poking) WMD.kif 1393-1393
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CoxiellaBurnetii Breathing) WMD.kif 1154-1154
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CoxiellaBurnetii Ingesting) WMD.kif 1155-1155
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CrimeanCongoHemorrhagicFeverVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1770-1770

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