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OverlapsSpatially OverlapsSpatially
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OuterSpaceRegion (outer space region) organizationProductType (organization product type)
OuterwearKnittingMills (outerwear knitting mills) organizationRepresentative (organizationRepresentative)
Outfit (outfit) organizationServiceType (organization service type)
OutfitCar (outfit car) organizationalObjective (organizational objective)
OutletAdapter (outlet adapter) orientation (orientation)
OutpatientCareCenters (outpatient care centers) origin (origin)
OutpatientMentalHealthAndSubstanceAbuseCenters (outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers) originalBalance (original balance)
Outside (outside) originalExpressedInLanguage (original expressed in language)
Oval (oval) originalTitle (originalTitle)
Oven (oven) orthogonalTests (managed orthogonal)
OvercastWeather (overcast weather) otherLandUseArea (other land use area)
Overgrazing (overgrazing) outOfTheMoney (out of the money)
OvergrazingIssue (overgrazing issue) overcastDaysInPeriod (overcast days in period)
OverheadTravelingCraneHoistAndMonorailSystemManufacturing (overhead traveling crane hoist and monorail system manufacturing) overdraft (overdraft)
OverhuntingIssue (overhunting issue) overlapsPartially (overlaps partially)
OverlapsSpatially overlapsSpatially
OverpopulationIssue (overpopulation issue) overlapsSpatially (overlaps spatially)
OverseasArea (overseas area) overlapsTemporally (overlaps temporally)
OverseasAreaFn (overseas area) pValue (confidence interval)
Oversized (oversized) paidFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
Ovrigt (Ovrigt) paidPropertyAmenity (paid property amenity)
OwinigaLanguage (owiniga language) paidRoomAmenity (paid room amenity)
Owl (owl) parallel (parallel)
Oxidation (oxidation) parasite (parasite)
Oxygen (oxygen) parent (parent)
OxygenSensor (OxygenSensor) parentcompany (parentcompany)
Oyster (Oyster) part (part)
OysterMeat (oyster) partTypes (partTypes)
OzamisPhilippines (ozamis philippines) partialOrderingOn (partial ordering on)
OzoneDepletionIssue (ozone depletion issue) partiallyFills (partially fills)
OzoneLayerProtectionProtocol (ozone layer protection protocol) partition (partition)
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