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Sigma KEE - HydraulicCylinder

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation HydraulicCylinder EnglishLanguage "A Device consisting of a Hole that is the cylinder, and a Piston. Oil is forces into one part of the cylinder, moving the piston in the opposite direction, imparting force to a shaft that is part of the piston. Note that a cylinder without a piston, or a piston without a cylinder, is not considered a hydraulic cylinder. Both parts are essential to its identity.") Cars.kif 1595-1599
(subclass HydraulicCylinder PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 1593-1593

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass BrakeMasterCylinder HydraulicCylinder) Cars.kif 1612-1612
(termFormat EnglishLanguage HydraulicCylinder "hydraulic cylinder") Cars.kif 1594-1594


    (instance ?HC HydraulicCylinder)
    (exists (?HH ?C ?P)
            (instance ?C Hole)
            (equal ?HH
                (HoleHostFn ?C))
            (attribute ?C Cylinder)
            (instance ?P Piston)
            (part ?P ?HC)
            (part ?HH ?HC))))
Cars.kif 1601-1610

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