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Sigma KEE - Hour
Hour(hour)closing_time, hour, hourly, none, o'clock, time_of_day

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Hour ChineseLanguage "这是所有时钟 HourClass。") chinese_format.kif 2816-2816
(documentation Hour EnglishLanguage "The Class of all clock Hours.") Merge.kif 8753-8753
(relatedInternalConcept Hour HourDuration) Merge.kif 8751-8751 Hour is internally related to hour duration
(relatedInternalConcept Hour HourFn) Merge.kif 8750-8750 Hour is internally related to hour
(subclass Hour TimeInterval) Merge.kif 8749-8749 Hour is a subclass of time interval

appearance as argument number 2

(rangeSubclass HourFn Hour) Merge.kif 8042-8042 The values returned by hour are subclasses of hour
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Hour "小时") chinese_format.kif 1298-1298
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Hour "hour") english_format.kif 1822-1822

appearance as argument number 3

(domainSubclass MinuteFn 2 Hour) Merge.kif 8067-8067 The number 2 argument of minute is a subclass of hour


    (instance ?HOUR Hour)
    (duration ?HOUR
        (MeasureFn 1 HourDuration)))
Merge.kif 8755-8757
    (instance ?HOUR Hour)
            (TemporalCompositionFn ?HOUR Minute)) 60))
Merge.kif 8886-8888


    (instance ?DAY Day)
            (TemporalCompositionFn ?DAY Hour)) 24))
Merge.kif 8882-8884

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