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HindiLanguage, WesternHindiGroupLanguage

Hindi Hindi
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HighTea (high tea) headOfGovernment (head of government)
HighTechIndustrialEconomy (high tech industrial economy) headingWRTCompassNorth (headingWRT compass north)
HighTide (high tide) headingWRTMagneticNorth (headingWRT magnetic north)
HighYield (high yield) headingWRTTrueNorth (headingWRT true north)
HigherHighTide (higher high tide) headquartersOfOrganization (headquarters of organization)
HigherOrderDifferentialEquation (higher order differential equation) heartBeatRate (heart beat rate)
Highlighting (Highlighting) height (height)
HighwayAndStreetConstruction (highway and street construction) highAltitudeWindSpeed (high altitude wind speed)
HighwayStreetBridgeAndTunnelConstruction (highway street bridge and tunnel construction) highAltitudeWindVelocity (high altitude wind velocity)
Hijab (hijab) highTide (highTide)
Hijacking (hijacking) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (highest decile share of household income)
Hill (hill) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (highest decile share of household income in period)
HilversumNetherlands (hilversum netherlands) highestTemperatureForPeriod (highest temperature for period)
HimalayanCuisine (Himalayan Cuisine) hinders (hinders)
HimarimaLanguage (himarima language) hindersSubclass (hindersSubclass)
Hindi hindi
HindiLanguage (HindiLanguage) holdsDuring (holds during)
Hindu (hindu) holdsObligation (holds obligation)
Hinduism (hinduism) holdsRight (holds right)
Hinge (hinge) hole (hole)
HipHopMusic (hip hop music) holidayTimeInArea (holiday time in area)
HipJoint (hip joint) home (home)
HiriMotuLanguage (hiri motu language) homeAddress (home address)
Hiring (hiring) homePage (homepage)
Historian (Historian) homePhoneNumber (homePhoneNumber)
Historical (historical) hopes (hopes)
HistoricalAccount (historical account) hostJitter (host jitter)
HistoricalSites (historical sites) hostOf (host of)
History (history) hostStatus (host status)
HivAids (hiv aids) hostedOn (hosted on)
HizmaWestBank (hizma west bank) hostileForces (hostile forces)
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