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Sigma KEE - Disseminating

VerbNet: say-37.7|announce, characterize-29.2|bill, appear-48.1.1|break, confess-37.10|reveal, say-37.7|announce, contribute-13.2|circularize, confess-37.10|reveal, confess-37.10|reveal, contribute-13.2|circularize, contribute-13.2|circularize, contribute-13.2|distribute, confess-37.10|reveal, confess-37.10|reveal, remedy-45.7|vulgarize, remedy-45.7|vulgarize, appear-48.1.1|break, appear-48.1.1|break, confess-37.10|reveal, put_spatial-9.2|hang, confess-37.10|reveal, confess-37.10|reveal, contribute-13.2|circularize, remedy-45.7|vulgarize, remedy-45.7|vulgarize, contribute-13.2|circularize, instr_communication-37.4|satellite, contribute-13.2|distribute, confess-37.10|reveal, remedy-45.7|vulgarize, remedy-45.7|vulgarize,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Disseminating ChineseLanguage "任何涉及一个 agent 和多个 destinationCommunication。 这包括发行一本已经出版的书、广播、戏剧表演、下令集结兵力、作公开演讲等等。") chinese_format.kif 3243-3244
(documentation Disseminating EnglishLanguage "Any Communication that involves a single agent and many destinations. This covers the release of a published book, broadcasting, a theatrical performance, giving orders to assembled troops, delivering a public lecture, etc.") Merge.kif 11989-11992
(subclass Disseminating Communication) Merge.kif 11988-11988

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Advertising Disseminating) Merge.kif 12028-12028
(subclass Broadcasting Disseminating) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13436-13436
(subclass Demonstrating Disseminating) Merge.kif 12004-12004
(subclass DisseminateProducts Disseminating) MilitaryProcesses.kif 1217-1217
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Disseminating "传播") chinese_format.kif 1196-1196
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Disseminating "disseminating") english_format.kif 1614-1614


    (instance ?DISSEMINATE Disseminating)
    (exists (?AGENT1 ?AGENT2)
            (destination ?DISSEMINATE ?AGENT1)
            (instance ?AGENT1 CognitiveAgent)
            (destination ?DISSEMINATE ?AGENT2)
            (instance ?AGENT2 CognitiveAgent)
                (equal ?AGENT1 ?AGENT2)))))
Merge.kif 11994-12002


        (subclass ?PROGRAM NewsProgram)
        (equal ?EPISODE
            (SeriesVolumeFn ?PROGRAM ?NUMBER)))
    (exists (?DISSEMINATE)
            (instance ?DISSEMINATE Disseminating)
            (patient ?DISSEMINATE ?EPISODE))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 12349-12356
    (attribute ?P Journalist)
        (occupation ?P
            (OccupationFn ContentDevelopment))
        (occupation ?P
            (OccupationFn Disseminating))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 16682-16686
    (instance ?DA DisplayArtifact)
    (hasPurpose ?DA
        (exists (?P ?D ?I)
                (instance ?P Putting)
                (instance ?D Disseminating)
                (instance ?I ContentBearingObject)
                (patient ?P ?I)
                (patient ?D ?I)
                (destination ?P ?DA)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 3889-3899

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