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Sigma KEE - format

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation format ChineseLanguage "这是一种关系,用于指定如何以自然语言格式来介绍表达式。") Merge.kif 426-426
(documentation format EnglishLanguage "A relation that specifies how to present an expression in a natural language format.") Merge.kif 424-425
(domain format 1 Language) Merge.kif 421-421 The number 1 argument of format is an instance of language
(domain format 2 Entity) Merge.kif 422-422 The number 2 argument of format is an instance of entity
(domain format 3 SymbolicString) Merge.kif 423-423 The number 3 argument of format is an instance of symbolic string
(instance format Abstract) SUMO_Cache.kif 130438-130438 format is an instance of abstract
(instance format Entity) SUMO_Cache.kif 130435-130435 format is an instance of entity
(instance format InheritableRelation) SUMO_Cache.kif 130437-130437 format is an instance of inheritable relation
(instance format Predicate) SUMO_Cache.kif 130440-130440 format is an instance of predicate
(instance format Relation) SUMO_Cache.kif 130436-130436 format is an instance of relation
(instance format TernaryPredicate) Merge.kif 420-420 format is an instance of ternary predicate
(instance format TernaryRelation) SUMO_Cache.kif 130439-130439 format is an instance of ternary relation

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage format "format") domainEnglishFormat.kif 3919-3919 term format english language, format and "format"

appearance as argument number 0

(format ChineseLanguage AbsoluteValueFn "%1 的绝对值") chinese_format.kif 688-688
(format ChineseLanguage AbstractionFn "描述 %1") chinese_format.kif 253-253
(format ChineseLanguage AdditionFn "(%*[+])") chinese_format.kif 682-682
(format ChineseLanguage AssignmentFn "%1(%*{2-}[,])") chinese_format.kif 346-346
(format ChineseLanguage BackFn "%1 的后面") chinese_format.kif 255-255
(format ChineseLanguage BeginFn "%1 的开始") chinese_format.kif 449-449
(format ChineseLanguage BeginNodeFn "%1 的开端") chinese_format.kif 765-765
(format ChineseLanguage CardinalityFn "%1 instance 的数量") chinese_format.kif 506-506
(format ChineseLanguage CeilingFn "取%1 的顶整数 ") chinese_format.kif 690-690
(format ChineseLanguage ComplementFn "%1 的补集") chinese_format.kif 500-500
(format ChineseLanguage CosineFn "%1 的馀弦") chinese_format.kif 692-692
(format ChineseLanguage CutSetFn "把 %1 分成另外两个图的路径 Set") chinese_format.kif 777-777
(format ChineseLanguage DayFn "%1 day ") chinese_format.kif 469-469
(format ChineseLanguage DenominatorFn "%1 的分母") chinese_format.kif 694-694
(format ChineseLanguage DensityFn "%1 除以 %2") chinese_format.kif 657-657
(format ChineseLanguage DivisionFn "%*[/]") chinese_format.kif 686-686
(format ChineseLanguage EditionFn "%1的第%2版 ") chinese_format.kif 559-559
(format ChineseLanguage EndFn "%1 的结束") chinese_format.kif 451-451
(format ChineseLanguage EndNodeFn "%1 的末端") chinese_format.kif 767-767
(format ChineseLanguage ExponentiationFn "%1 %2 的次幂") chinese_format.kif 696-696
(format ChineseLanguage ExtensionFn "和 %1 对应的 Class") chinese_format.kif 257-257
(format ChineseLanguage FloorFn "取 %1 的底整数") chinese_format.kif 698-698
(format ChineseLanguage FrontFn " %1 的前面") chinese_format.kif 259-259
(format ChineseLanguage FutureFn "%1 之后") chinese_format.kif 461-461
(format ChineseLanguage GeneralizedIntersectionFn "把 %1 所有的 element 并成交集") chinese_format.kif 504-504

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