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ChemicalArtifact ChemicalArtifact
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Check (check) categoryID (category identifier string)
CheckInService (check-in service) categoryOf (category of)
CheckOutService (check-out service) causes (causes)
CheckingAccount (checking account) causesProposition (causes proposition)
Checkout (checkout) causesSubclass (causes subclass)
Checkpoint (checkpoint) chamberOfLegislature (chamber of legislature)
CheddarCheese (CheddarCheese) chanceryAddressInArea (chancery address in area)
Cheese (cheese) chanceryFAXNumberInArea (chanceryFAX number in area)
CheeseManufacturing (cheese manufacturing) chanceryMailingAddressInArea (chancery mailing address in area)
Cheetah (cheetah) chanceryTelephoneNumberInArea (chancery telephone number in area)
Chef (chef) changesLocation (changes location)
Chemical-OilTankerShip (chemical- oil tanker ship) checkAccount (check account)
ChemicalAcid (acid) checkInTime (check-in time)
ChemicalAgent (chemical agent) checkNumber (check number)
ChemicalAndAlliedProductsWholesalers (chemical and allied products wholesalers) checkOutTime (check-out time)
ChemicalArtifact chemicalArtifact
ChemicalAttack (chemical attack) chiefOfDiplomaticMission (chief of diplomatic mission)
ChemicalBase (chemical base) chiefOfState (chief of state)
ChemicalDecomposition (chemical decomposition) chiefOfStateType (chief of state type)
ChemicalEquilibrium (chemical equilibrium) citizen (citizen)
ChemicalManufacturing (chemical manufacturing) claimedTerritory (claimed territory)
ChemicalProcess (chemical process) classIntersection (classIntersection)
ChemicalProduct (chemical product) classmate (classmate)
ChemicalReduction (chemical reduction) climateTypeInArea (climate type in area)
ChemicalSalt (chemical salt) closedOn (closed on)
ChemicalSynthesis (chemical synthesis) closingPrice (closing price)
ChemicalTankerShip (chemical tanker ship) cloudCoverFraction (cloud cover fraction)
ChemicalWeapon (chemical weapon) coaches (coaches)
Chemist (chemist) codeMapping (codeMapping)
Chemistry (chemistry) coding (coding)
ChenouaLanguage (chenoua language) cohabitant (cohabitant)
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