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Rotating, ScrollWheelRotating, ScrollWheelRotatingAway, ScrollWheelRotatingInward

Rotatin Rotatin
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Room (room) resourceUsed (resource used)
RoomCleaningService (service) responseRate (response rate)
RoomHeater (room heater) responseTime (response time)
RoomInventory (room inventory) result (result)
RoomService (room service) resultType (result type)
RoomingAndBoardingHouses (rooming and boarding houses) rewards (rewards)
Rooster (rooster) riskLevel (risk level)
RootLocus (root locus) riskTolerance (risk tolerance)
RootStarch (root starch) roleAppointsRole (role appoints role)
RootVegetable (root vegetable) roleApprovesRole (role approves role)
RopeCordageAndTwineMills (rope cordage and twine mills) roleNominatesRole (role nominates role)
RosasSpain (rosas spain) roomAmenity (room amenity)
RostovOnDonRussia (rostov on don russia) roomAttribute (room attribute)
Rotary (rotary) roomPolicy (room policy)
RotaryDumpCar (rotary dump car) roomStay (room stay)
Rotatin rotatin
Rotating (rotating) routeBetween (route between)
RotationFn (RotationFn) routeEnd (routeEnd)
RotationalAttribute (RotationalAttribute) routeInSystem (route in system)
Rotavirus (rotavirus) routeStart (routeStart)
RotavirusGastroenteritis (rotavirus gastroenteritis) runningOn (running on)
RothIRAAccount (rothIRA account) runsOn (runs on)
Rotor (rotor) screenOfGUIE (screenOfGUIE)
Rough (rough) seaSurfaceTemperature (sea surface temperature)
Roughening (roughening) searchQueryRewrite (search query rewrite)
RoundFn (round) searchResult (search result)
RoundShape (round shape) seatsHeldInOrganization (seats held in organization)
RoundTwoDimensional (RoundTwoDimensional) seatsInOrganizationCount (seats in organization count)
RoverGroup (RoverGroup) seatsWonInElection (seats won in election)
RoverV8Engine (Rover v8) secretesSubstance (secretes substance)
Rowing (rowing) secretesToxin (secretes toxin)
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