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Sigma KEE - TactilePerception
TactilePerception(tactile perception)creepiness, cutaneous_sensation, feel, feeling, feeling_of_movement, finger, haptic, haptic_sensation, haptically, itch, itchiness, itching, kinaesthesia, kinaesthetic, kinesthesia, kinesthetic, prickle, pruritus, pruritus_ani, pruritus_vulvae, sense, skin_perceptiveness, skin_sensation, tactile, tactile_sensation, tactility, tactual, tactual_sensation, tactually, thumb, tickle, tingle, touch, touch_perception, touch_sensation, urtication

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TactilePerception ChineseLanguage "这是 Perceptionsubclass,当中 Touching 是感觉的途径。注:Touching 不一定需要涉及 TactilePerception。例如:一个失去双脚所有的 感觉的人,对于他双脚所 Touching 东西不会有 TactilePerception。") chinese_format.kif 3323-3325
(documentation TactilePerception EnglishLanguage "The subclass of Perception in which the sensing is done by Touching. Note that Touching need not involve TactilePerception. For example, a person who has lost all sensation in both of his legs would have no TactilePerception of anything his legs were Touching.") Merge.kif 13632-13636
(subclass TactilePerception Perception) Merge.kif 13631-13631 Tactile perception is a subclass of perception

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Itching TactilePerception) Mid-level-ontology.kif 5706-5706 Pruritus is a subclass of tactile perception
(termFormat ChineseLanguage TactilePerception "触觉") chinese_format.kif 1221-1221
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TactilePerception "tactile perception") english_format.kif 1663-1663
(termFormat FrenchLanguage TactilePerception "perception tactile") french_format.kif 899-899
(termFormat Hindi TactilePerception "sparshaniiya gyaana") terms-hindi.txt 432-432
(termFormat ItalianLanguage TactilePerception "Tatto") terms-it.txt 435-435
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage TactilePerception "触覚") japanese_format.kif 2583-2583
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage TactilePerception "Percepcao Tactil") portuguese_format.kif 851-851
(termFormat cz TactilePerception "tactile perception") terms-cz.txt 471-471
(termFormat ro TactilePerception "percepþie tactilã") relations-ro.kif 920-920
(termFormat tg TactilePerception "tunay na pandama") terms-tg.txt 436-436


    (instance ?TACTILE TactilePerception)
    (exists (?TOUCH)
            (instance ?TOUCH Touching)
            (subProcess ?TOUCH ?TACTILE))))
Merge.kif 13638-13643


    (instance ?FG FeelerGauge)
    (hasPurpose ?FG
        (exists (?TP ?M)
                (instance ?M Measuring)
                (instance ?TP TactilePerception)
                (subProcess ?TP ?M)
                (instrument ?M ?FG)))))
Cars.kif 2796-2804

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