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Sigma KEE - StreamWaterArea
StreamWaterArea(stream water area)East_River, Erie_Canal, Fountain_of_Youth, Harlem_River, Nilotic, Old_Faithful, Verrazano_Narrows, affluent, alluvial_cone, alluvial_fan, billabong, branch, channel, confluent, crossing, feeder, flume, fluvial, ford, fountainhead, geyser, gulch, gully, head, headspring, headstream, headwater, hot_spring, midstream, rill, rivulet, run, runnel, stream, streamlet, thalweg, thermal_spring, tidal_river, tidal_stream, tidewater_river, tidewater_stream, tideway, tributary, water_gap, water_system, watercourse, white_water, whitewater

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint StreamWaterArea StaticWaterArea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9001-9001 Stream water area is disjoint from static water area
(documentation StreamWaterArea EnglishLanguage "A relatively narrow WaterArea where the water flows constantly and in the same direction, e.g. a river, a stream, etc.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 9002-9004
(subclass StreamWaterArea FlowRegion) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9000-9000 Stream water area is a subclass of flow region
(subclass StreamWaterArea WaterArea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8999-8999 Stream water area is a subclass of water area

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Creek StreamWaterArea) Geography.kif 5574-5574 Creek is a subclass of stream water area
(subclass Rapids StreamWaterArea) Geography.kif 5534-5534 Rapids is a subclass of stream water area
(subclass River StreamWaterArea) Geography.kif 5374-5374 River is a subclass of stream water area
(subclass RiverMouth StreamWaterArea) Geography.kif 5557-5557 River mouth is a subclass of stream water area
(subclass Waterfall StreamWaterArea) Geography.kif 5448-5448 Waterfall is a subclass of stream water area
(termFormat ChineseLanguage StreamWaterArea "溪水区") chinese_format.kif 953-953
(termFormat EnglishLanguage StreamWaterArea "stream water area") english_format.kif 1113-1113
(termFormat FrenchLanguage StreamWaterArea "plan d'eau en mouvement") french_format.kif 629-629
(termFormat Hindi StreamWaterArea "pravaahita jala kshetra") terms-hindi.txt 160-160
(termFormat ItalianLanguage StreamWaterArea "SuperficieD'AcquaCorrente") terms-it.txt 161-161
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage StreamWaterArea "河川水域") japanese_format.kif 2314-2314
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage StreamWaterArea "Area aquatica em movimento") portuguese_format.kif 581-581
(termFormat cz StreamWaterArea "stream water area") terms-cz.txt 197-197
(termFormat ro StreamWaterArea "întindere de apã curgãtoare") relations-ro.kif 650-650
(termFormat tg StreamWaterArea "laki ng agos") terms-tg.txt 164-164


        (instance ?SYSTEM RiverSystem)
        (instance ?STREAM StreamWaterArea)
        (part ?STREAM ?SYSTEM))
    (exists (?RIVER)
            (instance ?RIVER River)
            (part ?RIVER ?SYSTEM)
            (flows ?STREAM ?RIVER))))
Geography.kif 5435-5444
    (instance ?STREAM StreamWaterArea)
    (exists (?WATER)
            (instance ?WATER BodyOfWater)
                (equal ?WATER ?STREAM))
            (flows ?STREAM ?WATER))))
Geography.kif 5317-5323


    (instance ?FORK StreamWaterConfluence)
    (exists (?STREAM ?BRANCH)
            (instance ?STREAM River)
            (instance ?BRANCH StreamWaterArea)
            (flows ?BRANCH ?STREAM)
            (connects ?FORK ?STREAM ?BRANCH))))
Geography.kif 5400-5407
    (instance ?FORK StreamWaterConfluence)
    (exists (?STREAM1 ?STREAM2)
            (instance ?STREAM1 StreamWaterArea)
            (connects ?FORK ?STREAM1 ?STREAM2)
            (instance ?STREAM2 StreamWaterArea)
            (flows ?STREAM1 ?STREAM2))))
Geography.kif 5391-5398

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