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Sigma KEE - Meat
Bovril, Salisbury_steak, beef_tea, beef_tongue, biltong, bird, blood_meal, bone_marrow, bouillon_cube, brain, breast_of_lamb, brisket, buffalo, calf's_brain, calf's_liver, calf's_tongue, calves'_feet, calves'_liver, chicken_liver, chine, chitlings, chitlins, chitterlings, chop, confit, cracklings, crown_roast, cut, cut_of_meat, cut_of_mutton, cutlet, dark_meat, drippings, escallop, fatback, filet, fillet, fish_filet, fish_fillet, fish_steak, flank, flat_bone, forequarter, foreshank, fowl, frog_legs, game, gigot, gobbet, goose_liver...

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint Meat Beverage) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19262-19262 Meat is disjoint from beverage
(documentation Meat ChineseLanguage "这是任何来自 Animal 一部分的食物,一般不会通过饮用摄入体内, 包括鸡蛋和以食物形式进食动物的血液。注:这个类别同时包括生肉和经过某些方法处理如煮过的肉。再注:涉及 MeatFruitOrVegetable 的制作直接归类于 Food。") chinese_format.kif 3485-3487
(documentation Meat EnglishLanguage "Any food which was originally part of an Animal and is not ingested by drinking, including eggs and animal blood that is eaten as food. Note that this class covers both raw meat and meat that has been prepared in some way, e.g. by cooking. Note too that preparations involving Meat and FruitOrVegetable are classed directly under Food.") Merge.kif 13830-13835
(externalImage Meat " FoodMeat.jpg") pictureList.kif 902-902
(subclass Meat SelfConnectedObject) Merge.kif 13829-13829 Meat is a subclass of self connected object

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Beef Meat) Mid-level-ontology.kif 18154-18154 Beef is a subclass of meat
(subclass ChickenMeat Meat) Mid-level-ontology.kif 18159-18159 Chicken meat is a subclass of meat
(subclass GoatMeat Meat) Food.kif 580-580 GoatMeat is a subclass of meat
(subclass LambMeat Meat) Economy.kif 4270-4270 Lamb meat is a subclass of meat
(subclass Mutton Meat) Economy.kif 4268-4268 Mutton is a subclass of meat
(subclass Pork Meat) Mid-level-ontology.kif 18161-18161 Pork is a subclass of meat
(subclass PoultryMeat Meat) Food.kif 374-374 Poultry is a subclass of meat
(subclass Seafood Meat) Food.kif 267-267 Seafood is a subclass of meat
(subclass TurkeyMeat Meat) Economy.kif 4271-4271 Turkey meat is a subclass of meat
(subclass Veal Meat) Economy.kif 4269-4269 Veal is a subclass of meat
(subclass WaterBuffaloMeat Meat) Economy.kif 4272-4272 Water buffalo meat is a subclass of meat
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Meat "meat") chinese_format.kif 1013-1013
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Meat "meat") english_format.kif 1243-1243

appearance as argument number 3

(domainSubclass meatOfAnimal 1 Meat) Mid-level-ontology.kif 18131-18131 The number 1 argument of meat of animal is a subclass of meat


    (instance ?M Meat)
    (exists (?DA ?AC)
            (instance ?DA
                (DeadFn ?AC))
            (part ?M ?DA)
            (subclass ?AC Animal))))
Food.kif 255-261
    (instance ?MEAT Meat)
    (forall (?PART)
            (part ?PART ?MEAT)
            (exists (?SUBPART ?TIME ?ANIMAL)
                    (part ?SUBPART ?PART)
                    (holdsDuring ?TIME
                            (instance ?ANIMAL Animal)
                            (part ?SUBPART ?ANIMAL))))))))
Merge.kif 13837-13848


    (attribute ?F Vegetarian)
        (exists (?M)
                (instance ?M Meat)
                (part ?M ?F)))))
Food.kif 946-952

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