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CutStockResawingLumberAndPlaning, LumberAndOtherConstructionMaterialsWholesalers, LumberIndustry, LumberPlywoodMillworkAndWoodPanelWholesalers, Plumber

Lumber Lumber
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LowerMamberamoLanguage (lower mamberamo language) localLongName (local long name)
LowerMiddleIncomeCountry (lower middle income country) localShortName (local short name)
LowerSilesianLanguage (lower silesian language) located (located)
LowerSorbianLanguage (lower sorbian language) locatedAtTime (located at time)
LowlandArea (lowland area) locationMeasuringList (location measuring list)
LuandaAngola (luanda angola) loggedInDuring (logged-in during)
LubaKatangaLanguage (LubaKatangaLanguage) losesControl (loses control)
Lubricant (lubricant) loss (loss)
Lubricating (lubricating) loudness (loudness)
LuebeckGermany (luebeck germany) lowAltitudeWindSpeed (low altitude wind speed)
LufuLanguage (lufu language) lowAltitudeWindVelocity (low altitude wind velocity)
LugandaLanguage (LugandaLanguage) lowTide (lowTide)
LuggageAndLeatherGoodsStores (luggage and leather goods stores) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (lowest decile share of household income)
LuggageManufacturing (luggage manufacturing) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (lowest decile share of household income in period)
LuleVilelaLanguage (lule vilela language) lowestTemperatureForPeriod (lowest temperature for period)
Lumber lumber
LumberAndOtherConstructionMaterialsWholesalers (lumber and other construction materials wholesalers) lyricist (lyricist)
LumberIndustry (lumber industry) magneticVariation (magnetic variation)
LumberPlywoodMillworkAndWoodPanelWholesalers (lumber plywood millwork and wood panel wholesalers) managedBy (managed by)
Lumen (lumen) manner (manner)
Lunch (lunch) manufacturer (manufacturer)
LunchTime (lunch time) mapOfArea (map of area)
LundaNorteAngola (lunda norte angola) marginBalanceAmount (margin balance amount)
Lung (lung) marineInventory (marine inventory)
LuoLanguage (luo language) maritimeClaimType (maritime claim type)
Lutetium (lutetium) maritimeHazard (maritime hazard)
Lutheran (lutheran) marketValueAmount (market value amount)
LutheranChurch (LutheranChurch) material (material)
Lux (lux) maternalAunt (maternal aunt)
Luxembourg (luxembourg) maternalUncle (maternal uncle)
LuxembourgFranc (luxembourg franc) maturityDate (maturity date)
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baseball_bat, baseball_bat, log, log, lumber, lumber, lumber, lumber, lumber, lumber, lumber, lumber, pound, pound, timber, timber

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