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GrapeVineyards, WineGrapeVineyards

GrapeVine GrapeVine
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Governor (governor) functionRoomAmenity (function room amenity)
GrabBar (grab bar) gainsControl (gains control)
Grabbing (grabbing) geneticSubstrateOfVirus (genetic substrate of virus)
GraceBaptistAssembly (GraceBaptistAssembly) geographicSubregion (geographic subregion)
GraduateSchool (graduate school) geometricDistance (geometric distance)
Graduation (graduation) geometricPart (geometric part)
GrainAndFieldBeanWholesalers (grain and field bean wholesalers) geopoliticalSubdivision (geopolitical subdivision)
GrainAndOilseedMilling (grain and oilseed milling) givenName (given name)
Gram (gram) governmentType (government type)
GrammaticalGender (grammatical gender) governorSpeed (governorSpeed)
GranadaSpain (granada spain) grammaticalRelation (grammatical relation)
GrandMarnier (GrandMarnier) grandfather (grandfather)
GrantmakingAndGivingServices (grantmaking and giving services) grandmother (grandmother)
GrantmakingFoundations (grantmaking foundations) grandparent (grandparent)
Grape (grape) granularity (granularity)
GrapeVine grapeVine
GrapeVineyards (grape vineyards) graphMeasure (graphMeasure)
Grapefruit (Grapefruit) graphPart (graph part)
Graph (graph) grasps (grasps)
GraphArc (graph arc) greaterThan (greater than)
GraphCircuit (graph circuit) greaterThanByQuality (greaterThanByQuality)
GraphElement (graph element) greaterThanOrEqualTo (greater than or equal to)
GraphLoop (graph loop) grossMerchandiseBoughtInPeriod (GMB)
GraphNode (graph node) grossMerchandiseSoldInPeriod (GMV)
GraphPath (graph path) groundSubsurfaceType (ground subsurface type)
GraphPathFn (graph path) groundSurfaceType (ground surface type)
GraphicDesignServices (graphic design services) groupMember (group member)
GraphicDesigning (graphic design) groupingTitle (groupingTitle)
GraphicalComputerMenu (GraphicalComputerMenu) guest (guest)
GraphicalMenuItem (GraphicalMenuItem) guiElementCovered (guiElementCovered)
GraphicalSubMenu (GraphicalSubMenu) guiElementCoveredBy (guiElementCoveredBy)
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