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Dessert Dessert
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Deputy (deputy) defaultMinimumWidth (default minimum width)
DescendantsFn (descendants) defaultNetwork (default network)
Descriptor (Descriptor) defaultValue (defaultValue)
DescriptorPart (DescriptorPart) defendant (defendant)
Desert (desert) defenseLawyer (defense lawyer)
DesertClimateZone (desert climate zone) deliveryRegion (deliveryRegion)
Desertification (desertification) dependencyDelay (dependency delay)
DesertificationConvention (desertification convention) dependencyType (dependency type)
DesertificationIssue (desertification issue) dependentAreaOfType (dependent area of type)
DesignPatternAttribute (design pattern attribute) dependentGeopoliticalArea (dependent geopolitical area)
Designating (designating) deprivesNorm (deprives norm)
Designer (designer) depth (depth)
Designing (designing) describes (describes)
Desk (desk) designPattern (design pattern)
Despair (despair) desires (desires)
Dessert dessert
Destruction (destruction) destination (destination)
DetNorskeBaptistsamfunn (DetNorskeBaptistsamfunn) detainedAtTimeInPlace (detained at time in place)
Detaching (detaching) detainee (detainee)
Detergent (detergent) developmentalForm (developmental form)
DeterministicDataStream (deterministic data stream) deviceAccount (deviceAccount)
DetroitMichigan (detroit michigan) deviceOS (deviceOS)
DevelopPrograms (program development) deviceState (device state)
DevelopedCountry (developed country) deviceTelecomNumber (deviceTelecomNumber)
DevelopingCountry (developing country) diameter (diameter)
DevelopingWeaponOfMassDestruction (developing weapon of mass destruction) diplomaticOrganizationType (diplomatic organization type)
DevelopmentalAttribute (developmental attribute) diplomaticRelations (diplomatic relations)
Device (device) diplomaticRepresentationType (diplomatic representation type)
DeviceAttribute (device attribute) diplomaticRepresentativeInRole (diplomatic representative in role)
DeviceClosed (device closed) directed (directed)
DeviceDamaged (DeviceDamaged) direction (direction)
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